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Community Interviews Podcast - Alphadeus


Hai friends!
So, yesterday I recorder with Alphadeus, and people, it was great!
I shouldn't be surprised everytime I to talk to Dtoid people and find they're as
awesome as they seem to be, but it's so cool to talk to someone you only know
through comments and meet a new friend, I'm really happy to do this. I will try to
keep this schedule of recording on tuesdays!

For the people who don't know him, Alphadeus is a musician and he made a lot of
albums, three of them about gamers (that's us!, I mean, seriously, he made specific
songs for Dtoid users, it's awesome!) and I reccomend listening to his stuff. I
myself have yet to listen to all of it, I was listening to the latest Songs For
Gamers (Volume III) lately and it sure is awesome. I even used a song from it for
the opening of the podcast (the 9th track, "A Knight and his Synth" (for Gajknight))
and I think you guys will enjoy it. He sure shows these dudes that try to make 16bit
music how to make REAL music.


So, I found out a lot of stuff about Alpha, he's a really great person and one of
those artists that you WANT them to be rich, but they just want to get by. I think I
understand the thought process behind that, it's really bad to associate art and
money, and real artists just want their stuff to be seen by the biggest possible
number of people (which helps when it's free), but I really want all my artist
friends to make enough money so they don't have to get a day job that wrecks their
creativity and energy. So, Alpha himself talks about that on the podcast, and about
how bandcamp works for artists. So pay him a visit on youtube
( https://www.youtube.com/user/alphadeus ) or Bandcamp (
http://alphadeus.bandcamp.com/ ) and if you can, drop a dollar or two so he can keep
making awesome music. Just don't tell him about it :p

We also talked about other kinds of music he did, about videogames (I swear we
did!), about the great musician cat Alpha has and about some problems with
depression. I tried to relate some experiences I had with mental health, I hope I
didn't cut Alpha too much, because he talked about a lot of interesting stuff and it is really nice
to see someone finding the right mix of medication in those situations. I hope you
keep getting better Alpha and never have to leave the internet again, but if you do,
know that you have a lot of people cheering for you to get better man. You're
awesome and so fun to talk to! Thanks for taking you're time to do this.

On the technical side, I found out the problem is my mic, so yeah, there's a
insistent noise on it, I even made two mixes, one in stereo (where you can hear the
noise on the left side only, with my voice) and a mono one (where the noise comes
from both sides, but the voices too). You guys can pick both and see what works
best, I'll get a new mic for the next podcast. I'm sorry for this issue :(
There was also a break on the connection around the middle, so I added more of the intro song for your pleasure :P And yeah, I used more than the usual "ten seconds intro" because I really dig Alpha's stuff, I think you guys will understand when you listen to it.

Unfortunately we weren't able to answer all questions because we recorded before
some of them, but Alpha took to answering them right on the blog. He's a really
great dude.

So, below are the links for both mixes, and if you didn't, listen to the first
episode where I talked to the great Retrofraction! Hope you enjoy! Bai friends :)

Edit: Following Alphadeus' tip, I used Audacity to take most of the noise out and now the recording can be much better heard :D To download the new version click here 
Thanks again Alpha! Sorry for the hassle folks ;(

And if anyone wants to be interviewed, drop me a PM or add me on Skype, I'm [email protected] (tell me what's your Dtoid nickname there so I can recognize you :p).
I have some guys on the list already, but I want to talk to everyone if possible! Love to all :)

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