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I saw someone praise Everspace 2 here. I tried the demo. I think I'm wololo'd.


I started the Diablo IV beta a few hours ago. It... thi-... I... it's a dangerous game.


Yikes. Wild Hearts PC is less than ideal. I mean my 3060 laptop GPU is no 4090 but still


FFXIV Endwalker 6.3 Patch was pretty fun. Did the Euphrosyne Alliance Raid (Aglaia was better tho, IMO) and was able to clear the new Sophia Unreal Raid twice for Faux Hollows running it sort of blind. Now back to GoWR tomorrow!


Progamer tip: Create a christmas tree out of CE versions of games to justify all the crap you've been buying this year! Credits: idea and execution by my wife, procurement and qtoid post by me lol


So I was happily playing Victoria 3 when this track (British Soil) started playing and I was just stunned into silence. 6 minutes later, Sweden lost 8% of its GDP.


Hey there, Moonscars on Gamepass is pretty good


*sees a title I'm really curious about on gamepass* hmmm, let me try it... 3 hours later: HI THIS IS VAMPIRE SURVIVORS AND I'M THE SMELLIEST GARLIC WARRIOR THIS SIDE OF WALLACHIA


Dungeon Encounters feels like it has no business being more fun than it looks but here I am several hours in getting sucked in. It's like the cookie clicker of JRPGs, it distills all the fun gamey parts then forgets to put on a coat over it


I got gud! Maybe a bit lucky... but good enough!


*sees doggie daycare spam blog "Tips For Finding a Good Doggie Daycare"* ...I think the best way to find a good doggie daycare is to do your search on an actual pet-related site


Once again, I've been granted a small glimpse of the future as I have arrived onto 2022 ahead of a lot of Dtoiders and... yeah, I still don't see Silksong from where I am... HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Once again, logistics prevented my Dtoid Santa from giving me the Mario Game n Watch but we've worked around it. My Santa remains anonymous but my biggest thanks to you! Also, glad you liked my gift Sam :)


Back4Blood gives some hilarious fun times when played with the right group of friends. It helps that I didn't spend a single cent (or, more like it has been prepaid with the subscription) so the only investment is time and gungho mates.


Mass Effect 2 (Legendary Ed) platinum GET! Hot damn, what a ride


See, if we stop screaming about Silksong every five minutes we have time to see the other awesome stuff in store! axiom 2 and islanders for me!


Can't decide on what to start next with the PS5: Continue the legacy with Mass Effect 2 or prep myself before the sequel release this year with Horizon Zero Dawn? Both never played before.


Ratchet and Clank done! It's a wee bit too long I think, but that final segment - wow, if we're talking about polish then I'm fucking blinded by the light. Platinum is also a short walk from here so let's go!


I did this a few days ago but - I've survived SMT3 Matador fight on Hard Mode! Stocked up on force-resistant magatama and demons while I prayed he only does Mazan. The walk to a save point after was also an ordeal lol. Onward! (Gets creamed in kalpa 1)


Report card time! XBOX - 7/10 Nintendo - 8.75/10 Sony - Lost Travolta/10 Capcom - 6/10 FF Origins - 7.5/10 (possible 9 if they polish it) The rest of Squeenix Presentation - Dumpster fire / 10


HAHAHAHAHA Nintendo threw a curveball the first second a trailer started!!


Holy shit, FFO is good! Keep the combat mechanics and the job class system, ditch the writer who has obviously just reached puberty, and scale up those textures, the wheatfield tutorial level looks like a thousand bugs were buzzing around!


I'm just happy there's an Outer Worlds 2. Also, Plague Tale sequel trailer is a spoiler for the original lol


Disqus is still a big mess for me. Still no reset email after attempting a reset using my modern method username. I did try the exact email for disqus (I still receive notifs in my email for it) but when I use that, it says it couldn't find my account!


OK, I'm finally getting what this Mass Effect hullabaloo is all about


Finished RE8. Now running amok in Village of Shadows difficulty with an infinite magnum. Fun times, two sections near the end for this run worry me though.


Happy Birthday Cat Bearded Philosophical Parody and Singing Chrono Trigger Protagonist!


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