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Thank You SEGA!

A couple of weeks ago during a Chill Bros. stream on J-TV, a couple of Sega guys, Fabian and Kieran, stopped by to hang out with the crew. To make a long story short, I asked how I could get one of the cool Sega stickers like Carnage has ...


Don't Touch My Touch!

Almost a week ago my very first "official" MP3 player arrived in the mail. I say "official" because technically my cell phone is a phone that just happens to have an MP3 player built in. I used the MP3 player on my phone, but not very much,...


D-Toid Floridians, Let's .... Let's Get Together!

The D-Toid Florida group hasn't been very active in the mainstream sense for a while. A few people have their own little meetups here and there, but that's about it. Well, that's about a to change! Or, at least I hope so! Recently the D-T...


An Introduction to (Abnormal) Me

Woman. Daughter. Sister. Aunt. Niece. Cousin. Friend. Tech junkie. Gamer. Bookworm. Musician. Abnormal. Original. Those are just a few terms that describe me in some sense. My name is Dawndrell. Some people call me Dawn, a lot of my f...


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Small town chick. Tech junkie. Bargainista. Obsessed with the X-Files. Gamer. Bookworm. Sometimes musician. Firm believer of laughter being the best medicine.

Gaming since about the age of 5 thanks to an older sister who had an Atari.

Sony girl at heart. Once the first Playstation hit the market, I was hooked. Now that I have a decent PC, I'm becoming more of a PC gamer.


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