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Nobody knows who I am, but I've been here since 2008. I've seen lots of folks leave, but I've never seen something this shitty. I'm out, too. Blocking the site in my firewall to be sure. I'm on cohost as @KingbertsKorner.


Man, Obsidian's "Grounded" sure is a Survival game.


So, I'm pretty sure the house I just moved into is haunted as fuck. There's a murder room in the basement and my kid spent half of the night screaming bloody murder. Or, there's a sump pump room and it was a 15-month old's first time in a new place.


Any PC players who wanna play Outer Worlds and don't wanna deal with EGS: It's part of Game Pass for PC on the windows store. Game pass PC has a 1 month for $1 promo going on. Go play Outer Worlds for $1.


Remember when Destructoid did fun things for April Fools, like having every article hand-written/drawn, opening a hotline, etc.? Pepperidge Farms remembers...


I want to know everything about Mario Maker 2, but nothing more about Link's Awakening until it releases.


I love Turn-Based Strategy games, but goddamn I'm terrible at them.


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Hey, there! Name's King. I like games. All kinds of games. Board games, card games, Tabletop RPGs, and video games (obviously).

I live in a middle-of-nowhere college town, I work as software support for some company you've never heard of (or maybe you have). I'm happily married and have the best little kid ever. Seriously, he's great and we are incredibly lucky parents.

When I have time to still play games, I mostly play RPGs and strategy games, though I'm also a big fan of Action/Adventure games like Marvel's Spider-Man, God of War, Mario Odyssey, etc.

I own 17 consoles and have spent way too much money trying to get the best possible picture out of them on an HDTV. I'm talking Switchers, scalers, RGB/HDMI mods....seriously. Way too much.

I have a YouTube channel called UnRehearsed Gaming that I really, really need to revive.

There's more about me that you may or may not care about. Who knows? Only you can decide. If you do care, feel free to find me in comments, inbox me, or follow me on Twitter @kingnothing997. I do Twitter things occasionally. Or Snapchat, also kingnothing997.

If you wanna play games, you can find me on pretty much ever service as kingnothing997.

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