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About kingbuione of us since 3:10 PM on 05.26.2010

My name is Michael, I talk to ducks and chase squirrels. In my free time I go to the park and watch the pigeons poo. I'm in a band that can't find its way out of the garage, and if I had a super power it'd be the power of flight (as in i can fly anything like a fuckin' carpet or a box or even myself).

Regarding gaming: I love local co op games, and am saddened by the lack of split screen games this generation. At least I'll always have lan parties.

Games I'm Playing:

Hitman: Blood Money
Gemini Rue
Sound Shapes
Dark Souls

Games I Like:

Everyday Shooter
Sound Shapes
Pokemon Red (Charmander for life)
Deus Ex: HR
Final Fantasy 8 (Yeah, I like a bit of romance)
Vagrant Story + FF XII + the Tactics (For Ivalice!)
Radiata Stories
Persona 4
MGS 4 (Snake?Snake!? SNAAAKE!)
NIER (Father Nier > Brother Nier)
Army of Two 1&2 (they're great for local co op!)
Demon's Souls
Uncharted 1,2,3
Saints Row: The Third
Yakuza 3
Max Payne 3
Valkyria Chronicles
Mass Effect 1 (for the story)
Mass Effect 2 (for the gameplay)
Mass Effect 3 (Needs more Jack)
Dragon Age 1&2 (I liked the second one, shut up)

Games I'm Super Hyped For:

Prey 2
Hitman: Absolution