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The Past: [The Legend of Zelda, Link's Awakening]

I have always wanted to write about the games that really shook me; the interactive experiences that molded a good chunk of my moral code and expanded my view of the world by diversifying it. Games can have such a diverse effect from just being entertainment to conveying fear, happiness, isolation, fulfillment, etc. Sometimes, games that are written to convey something fail to achieve that memorial status that many franchises have long established in our minds. So I want to experiment and try to understand what really fuels nostalgia, what makes certain games stay in our memories, what makes certain chimes and songs loop endlessly in our minds from past games. I�ll try to recall as much as I can from the first experiences I had with the games that somewhat shaped me to the man I am today. So without further ado, here is my first full experience with The Legend of Zelda: Link�s Awakening.

Screenshots courtesy of NINTENDO EAD.

Acrylic Painting courtesy of Jacob Smiley you can buy his amazing Zelda pieces at www.jacobsmiley.tumblr.com
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