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So I don’t think I’m going to beat Tactics Ogre Reborn by the end of the year which means I’ve played a significant amount of 12 games this year. Might not seem like much but it’s been a busy year! Fav game? probably SMT V.


One hobby-goal of mine is to play more and understand more about Spiderweb Software's RPGs. I came across this fascinating GDC talk from Jeff Vogel.


I am, frankly, obsessed with lists. In my top 10 list of lists I’d like to make, a list of my favourite sci fi films ever made is pretty high. Also, because I’m pretentious, number 1 would be Le Jette.


Shameless picture of my beautiful family! Lol I friggin’ love this game


I love this youtube channel - though it only gets videos sporadically! New video on Leaf, the VN studio. Haven't watched it all yet but I love this guy's previous videos :)


I keep seeing these pre-order slipcases for 3DS Atlus games on eBay. But I SWEAR they're not real! The adverts never say they're custom made but I never saw these advertised when these games were new.


I suppose it’s not going to happen any time soon, and to be fair there’s a lot of Resi on modern systems, but it’d be nice to get the original Resident Evil trilogy released on modern hardware - subscription services don’t count!


I love a good list :) here’s my favourite 29 videogames lol


I’m having trouble accessing the comments section on dtoid. I’ve tried tapping the comment bubble at the top of the article and tapping the Join The Conversation button at the bottom, but neither does the trick. Just highlights the text :(


With talk of our ex-Prime Minister making a come back I think okay to reiterate this


I don't want to be a party pooooper but... I'm not that excited for Silent Hill 2. I'm probably never going to play it anyway being a PS5 exclusive so my opinion is pretty void but I mean it's not going to have tank controls is it so what's the point :)


I'd previously said Undernauts was too gruesome for me but it seems more tongue in cheek and silly the further I've got in, which is way more my speed. It's also had some really memorable bosses so far - quite puzzley/gimmicky which is fun :)


Spinning my wheels a bit in terms of games till Tactics Ogre comes out. Started Undernauts for some crunchy dungeon crawling and I’m going to noodle away on BoTW when I feel like I need something more action-y


I finished Severed last night. Took around 6.5hrs in total. It’s a fantastic game! Really fun and engaging. Some reviews mentioned it was too short but I thought it was the perfect length. It never overstayed it’s welcome and constantly added new idea


My wife’s really into board games and it’s led me to play some games I’d never touch otherwise. Wingspan is awesome!


To whoever it was that recommended Severed on here, thank you! It's amazing so far - exactly what I was looking for. Really fresh, fun and very modern first person dungeon crawler :D


Has anyone made the case yet for Breath of the Wild being an immersive sim? Lol


Ugh - Britain is so fucked :(


I’m about 6hrs into XCB3 and I think my brain is rejecting it. I have no idea what’s happening in battle and they keep telling me stuff and making me do stuff. I feel like an old man trying to play his grandson’s rpg!


I really love the character designs in Wizardry (PS2)


I think this shop window in Gloucester goes some way towards summing up British cultural history for anyone interested: Paddington Bear having tea with Baphomet.


Inspiring music swells! I finished Disco Elysium yesterday - it was fantastic! I've started Wizardry on the PS2; I love this game's atmosphere and it's on my long list of games I own but never completed. Might try to though I want to get back on XBC3 too


Captain Chrup - just really long corn tubes.


Sadly getting a replacement battery has not solved the 3DS problem I had - however the old battery was swollen so there’s clearly an issue there anyway. I was going to send it to Nintendo but seeing as it’s out of warranty that might cost a lot.


My dreams aren't usually coherent, let alone heroic, but last night I dreamt that Jake Paul was in a boxing match with an elderly Patrick Stewart and I jumped in the ring, slapped Jake and saved Stewart from the fatal, final blow.


I got a second Etrian Odyssey figure to add to my EO shrine :D Sadly it came without the clear stand to hold it up so I need to jimmy some kind of alternative… #picturefliptoid


Just tried to charge and boot up my 3DS and it’s red light comes on for a lil bit… then nothing :( I’ve ordered a replacement battery so hopefully that’ll sort it - fingers crossed


When I first got Etrian Odyssey I loved how the manual told you about the classes in the form of a bard’s poem. Later, when I was crazy enough with the game to get a copy of the US version, I found it had loads more! It has 8 pages of informative poems!


When I was younger I made one issue of a videogame zine which I illustrated and wrote.. "articles" for. I just found all the illustrations on an old hd and thought the cover was looked quite cool lol - I guess I wasn't a fan of Mario back then


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