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We finished the Lego titanic this weekend. Son for scale


Achievements unlocked: student loans fully paid off and closing on our new house next week. Can't wait to move. For today's 20th anniversary song, a great side project: Reggie and the full effect


I feel like shit today, so here's another of my series of music I personally love from 20 years ago: Rainer Maria. Indie/emo band with some great melodies. One of my personal fav bands.


For me, 2003 might be the most influential year of music. I was 16 and really discovering a ton of different music. Going to try post a variety through out there. First up, a man and his machine from FL: Atom and his Package


Anyone else check out the new Velma show? Its...alright I guess. I might keep watching it but it needs to do something really exciting to keep me enticed


I played a bit of playstation. I did platinum all 5 of these and really enjoyed them all


Pissed that Vance won my state, but at least Cinci finally got rid of an old crone R that has represented a pretty progressive city for far to long


Voting done. If you are in the US, please go


Just finished watching this. The definitive biopic experience. Free on Roku


I don't own a lot of board games, but this one has a big chance of getting added. Kickstart starts Nov 1 (bump as it's live https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/contentiongames/slay-the-spire-the-board-game )


Here is fun music video. Watch it muted for a bit then turn the sound on and be confused


10 years since this masterpiece was released in The US


Reached a big psn milestone today


Finished the divergent ending of AI Nirvana Initiative. Damn good game. Still like the first a bit more but still will put this top 5 of the year


Theatrhythm and Bayonetta 3 were the only things I'm looking forward to from the direct. Nothing else super exciting for me


Hbo has been on a roll of being dogshit, at least there was a small spec of niceness today from it


Happy Harley Quinn day. I have been looking forward to season three for over a year


I smelled a corpse flower today. It smelled like hot wet garbage and shit. Really cool though


Instead of working, I've been looking at shitters


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