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The Best Under-appreciated Games of Last Gen

A new generation is upon us, and I personally couldn't be more excited. 2014 and beyond is shaping up brilliantly for games, but before they all hit, I feel I should look back at some of my favorite experiences from last gen that either fai...


Tomb Raider: My Thoughts

Tomb Raider is an interesting game. In the time from its announcement to its release, I've observed a lot of discussion, often heated, about the new direction the franchise was heading. Some were pleased with the new look, while others ei...


The Hype Machine: Why it can ruin a game

Before I get into this, let�s get something straight. I�m sure most of you realise that what follows will be my personal experiences with a game, and is not a reflection of said game�s quality. Because no matter how well-made, fun or engros...


My Strange Love Affair with Call of Duty: Black Ops

I am the first one to admit that the Call of Duty series hasn�t exactly been fresh for over 5 years now. In fact, I actively state this opinion at most opportunities. As someone who has admittedly always favored the Battlefield series, Call...


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