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First impressions: PlayStation Suite

[I'll do my best to not go too technical in here, a (hopefully useful) glossary is provided at the end of the post] I am a programmer at work and at heart. I love programming, punching in text and seeing it make do things that work on a ...


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I'm a bloke living in Norway (formerly Poland) who loves programming, videoed games, music, and collecting stuff. Mostly enjoying myself on a 360, but I don't limit myself to one platform, franchise, genre or any set of rules - if it's enjoyable, I'd like some of that, please. I started gaming with 5 minutes of Kung-Fu Master on an arcade in 1990 and a Famiclone followed by an Amiga 500 two years later. I have a hard time pin-pointing any given favourite thing, so I'll just say that you can decide with a dice roll if it's Monkey Island, Monkey Island 2, Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2 Episode One or Half-Life 2 Episode Two that is my top 1 bestest game evar.