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Gaming Fact of the Day: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was release 25 years ago today.


Gaming Fact of the Day: Eddie Riggs from Brutal Legend was originally modeled after Lemmy Kilmister. However as development went on the design of Eddie changed to resemble the character's voice actor, Jack Black.


Work on part 2 of the Panzer Dragoon Retrospective has begun. It's been years since I last played Zwei but it's just as good as I remembered.


Charles Manson is dead at 83. Good riddance you son of a bitch!


Gaming Fact of the Day: As of yesterday, the Wii U is now 5 years old.


Gaming Fact of the Day: Sega's origins go as far back as 1940 when it was founded as Standard Games in Honolulu, Hawaii. After WWII, the company moved to Tokyo and changed it's name to Service Games which merged with Rosen Enterprises and became Sega.


Gaming Fact of the Day: Origin Systems founder and Ultima creator Richard Garriott released his first game, Akalabeth, at the age of 19. Initially it was sold for $20 and came in a ziploc bag with instructions and cover art printed out on copy paper.


Gaming Fact of the Day: Today is Shigeru Miyamoto's birthday! He turns 65.


Just realized it's been over a year since I did a AMA. Maybe it's time for another one.


Gaming Fact of the Day: 16 Years ago today the original Xbox launched. At the NA launch event at Times Square, Xbox creator Seamus Blackley proposed to his long-time girlfriend. She said yes and two have been married since.


Gaming Fact of the Day: In Dead or Alive 4 if you play any match on the Gambler's Paradise or D.W.A Coliseum stages while signed into XBL, you can see your XBL profile motto on signs in the background.


Gaming Fact of the Day: Final Fantasy IX and Skies of Arcadia made their North American debut 17 years ago today. Also Assassin's Creed and Crysis were release 10 years ago today as well.


Gaming Fact of the Day: Because Sony debuted Trophies two years after the PS3's launch, many games such as Heavenly Sword, Resistance: Fall of Man and Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction still don't have trophy support.


Gaming Fact of the Day: After Nintendo's disastrous showing of the AVS at CES 1985. Nintendo of America president Minoru Arakawa gave the design team 1 hour to design a new version of the AVS. When they were done the NES was born.


Gaming Fact of the Day: Michael Jackson was a huge gamer with a massive private arcade of over 82 arcade machines, 7 console demo stations, 6 pinball machines and a life-size statue of Lara Croft. All of it was auctioned off after his death in 2009.


I'm happy to announce that the secret blog I've been working on is finished and available. It's the first of a six part retrospective on Panzer Dragoon. It's taken me almost a whole month to finish it and I hope you all enjoy it. Links in the comments.


Gaming Fact of the Day: During development of Pokemon Stadium, Red & Green's battle logic was personally ported over by Satoru Iwata. It took him one week to analyze and port the battle logic of both games without any specification document.


I never had a 360 when the blades dashboard was around. Which is a shame because it looks way better than the current dashboard.


Gaming Fact of the Day: While Dead Rising and Lost Planet were still prototypes, both games were rejected by Capcom because their policy was 80% of games had to be sequels. To get both games greenlit, Keiji Inafune purposely raised their budgets by 400%.


Just got out of the interview and it went really really well. I didn't get the job yet as they're waiting make a decision after all the applicants are interviewed. Still though I think I made really good impression and I hope to hear from them soon.


Ok guys I'm at the library for the interview. Wish me luck!


The new blog is almost finished, I've got to add a few more paragraphs and images. Until then I'll leave you with this.


Happy Birthday DeadMoon!!!


Gaming Fact of the Day: Battlefield 4 has one of the most elaborate easter eggs in gaming. It requires translating morse code in Belarusian, hitting seven hidden switches and using sound editing software to unlock an outfit exclusive to DICE employees.


Ok my interview with the library is set for tomorrow at 2PM. I can't wait to have a paycheck again, gonna start saving for a Switch.


Well I've said my goodbye's to Miiverse, it's a damn shame Nintendo won't continue it on the Switch. Until then here's to the greatest thing that came out Miiverse, the Dafoeverse.


So now that I'm done with Blue Dragon, I'm trying to finish Quake 4. It's alright, not nearly as good as Quake 1 or 2. Though what gets me is how poorly it runs on the 360. Funny how Doom 3 on the original Xbox used the same engine but ran better.


Gaming Fact of Day: Howard Scott Warshaw was requested to develop E.T. by Steven Spielberg because he liked Warshaw's adaptation of Raiders of the Lost Ark.


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