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Gonna shill games I think are cool for the Steam summer sale, and Ex-Zodiac is fantastic if you want SNES Star Fox but faster, with After Burner inspired special stages! It's early access but it already feels super polished and plays like a damn dream.


I'm no Atari expert, or even lover really. But the Atari 50 collection from what little I've played is neat so far, it's a great little history lesson even if the games aren't all for me.


Not sure if its a cold or a lukewarm take at this point, but The Order 1886 actually ain't that bad. Yeah it's pretty much an interactive movie but the setting and gunplay are pretty damn good. Plus it still looks gorgeous, worth the $10 it goes for now.


Man, VHS 99 was pretty disappointing. Only the second and final shorts are really memorable, and even then the second part really suffered from bad CGI, like it was made for cheap. That said, Mable a QT


I was a little worried about RE4 remake, but thank god they kept in the goofy dumb banter. Combat actually looks decent, much better than RE2/3 make. The rest of the conference was weak before that though.


Silent Hill 2 Remake looks...honestly fine. It aint going to replace the original in my heart, but it looks like a novel way of re-experiencing the story. James's face looks odd but its cool that they brought back old staff!


I'm still not sure if I can squeeze it in my budget and I'm hoping to play Calysto Protocol first, but man the Dead Space remake genuinely looks good. They're pretty much giving it the REmake 1 treatment in terms of faithfulness.


SEGA truly does what Nintendont


For older DX11 titles, ARC looks terrible. But for modern games specifically, Intel's new GPUs actually seem good for the price, at least compared to what NVIDIA and AMD are doing.


Season 2 of Shenmue the animation is apparently cancelled. This damn series just can't catch a break.


So far 12 or so hours into the Saints Row reboot, 30% competition status so far. Definitely isn't a trashfire or abysmal like some critics claim and I'm growing to have fun, but good lord the performance issues on PC and bugs need fixing.


So far Saints Row 2022 doesn't entirely seem like a trashfire. There are some good ideas and its better than SR3 in some regards. But yeah this game really did need a few more months of polishing up, bugs are an issue.


HOLY SHIT. AMAZON LEAKED DEAD ISLAND 2 https://twitter.com/Wario64/status/1560061618930651140


I know I'm late to the party on playing Spark The Electric Jester, but I didn't expect this Sonic-inspired game to get real at the intro


New Beavis and Butthead eps are pretty charming, the Tiktok/Youtube sections take some getting used to but they're as enjoyable as the new movie.


Waking up to rumors that Respawn is working on a single player entry in the APEX Legends universe felt like a massive gutpunch. I hope they mean Titanfall universe, and not APEX.


PSA: Saints Row 2's DLC FINALLY seems to be on sale for Xbox 360/One/Series consoles! In the off chance that we never get the fixed PC with the story DLC added, this is a fine consolation at least.


Finally, one good thing announced this conference DEADLY PREMONITION 2 ON PC


First game of Future Games Show and it already has the generic trailer BWAAAA BWAAAA. Gonna mentally check out and expect nothing but at least its a neat FPS RTS hybrid.


Seems like Deadly Premonition 2 is said to be coming to PC today, apparently a trailer went live according to GamingBolt. Maybe that's what Swery was teasing on Twitter.,\


Yearly recommendation to go thrifting! Snatched up a complete copy of Phantom Hourglass for $10 that way and found copies of LittleBigPlanet 1 and Resistance 1/2 for $2 each yesterday!


Its kind of fun to jump back into Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate after playing quite a bit of Rise. They're the same series but man it feels so different. Not so say one is worse than the other since they both have their strengths!


If Nintendo ever releases a Switch successor, I wish that they would honor legacy eShop purchases. I'm just dreaming, but it'd be cool to have titles like the GBA Metroid/Zelda/Klonoa games available to re-download on a Switch 2 if you bought them.


PSA: If you are somewhat of a gaming masochist and enjoy bad games, Sonic 06 is on sale for $5 on Xbox 360! Sadly its not backwards compatible on Xbone though...


GodDAMN, The Sadness on Shudder is completely brutal. To hear that it was based on comics like Crossed is crazy, especially considering what this movie gets away with. Definitely not for the squeamish or those already paranoid about the pandemic.


Today I learned that there was a cancelled Deadpool animation in the works, and it legit looked good. Man.


I love modern Xbox consoles, but their DRM really has to go. Even after setting the console to home and being online, it's annoying to still get reminders that I apparently have to be online to play the game.


Halo Infinite's new update thankfully ended up being good. Really hope the game gets more frequent updates though, like that monthly "drop pod" system they talked about.


The Twitter thread Yuji Naka just made about Balan Wonderworld is fascinating. Apparently he knew it was unfinished, called out SE and Arzest for not caring about games, and he was removed as game director 6 months before release.


Was super excited to test out my new Ryzen CPU...only after hours of testing to find out my motherboard probably died and I have to get a new one ;_;


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