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I can't believe Activision is shutting down custom clients for the older CoD games. Can't have anything nowadays if you like that series.


Its honestly a shame that it took 343 to now to get Halo Infinite into good shape. Forge support is better, theres fun new game modes, and it feels more stable on PC than before. It just would've been better if the game was like this at launch.


Of all the GTA6 rumors out there, I really do hope its $1-2 billion dollar dev cost is fake. Because if so then man, the AAA model needs to go.


Finally beat Dead Island 2. Gotta agree with Chris, it's got its problems. But it was also a blast, confusing plot twists at the end notwithstanding.


You really do learn a learn a lot about returning characters in Dead Island 2. In more ways than what you wanted. Game seems fun so far for the prologue btw


Maybe I'm just biased because of all the time I spent following the game, but Dead Island 2 actually looks surprisingly decent. Nice step up compared to the studio's work on Homefront 2, hopefully seems like a decent 7/10 ride.


The market for new GPUs can still be a bit rough in some places...it's genuinely tempting to just get a PS5 at this point. Especially to not deal with shader stutter anymore.


I still feel a bit iffy on Counter Strike 2's lighting right now, but I still absolutely love the visual overhaul.


No matter where I go on Twitter, I can't escape Erection and Erection 2 on my Trending tab.


Found out on the Dead Rising discord that some WIP footage of DR5 is now available! Granted its super early in dev and I'm still not a big fan of planned design changes. But its still neat to see. https://www.ndsportfolio.com/gamedev/dead-rising-5


Took a while, but I finally beat Neptunia Sisters Vs Sisters. While getting the True End was a bit tedious, and some dungeons like the last can be slogs, it was well worth it! Solid 7/10 for Nep fans and worth a play. Makes up for the other spinoffs.


Finally, it took nearly 10 years since it was announced, but according to Deep Silver Dambuster's twitter, Dead Island 2 has FINALLY gone gold. I just hope it'll launch in a better state than Saints Row 2022 did in terms of bugs.


Huh, EO HD is also coming to Steam as well! Now time to decide if I want to play it on Steam Deck or grab a physical release for Switch...


Well, that's Splatterhouse Wanpaku Graffiti over and done with. What a strange but cute little experience.


Metal Gear 1 has no shortage of obtuse annoyances from time to time, but moments like these are still gold, especially coming off of MGSV.


Sorry Dead Space remake...I want to play you but I love the Neps more.


Hearing that MS let go of tons of Halo Infinite's campaign team and that Staten is being sent back to work at Xbox Publishing is depressing. And Infinite could've had a good future at launch.


At the time of posting it's 7:18PM on the West Coast, so if you hop a plane you're technically time traveling in the past for a bit. Anyways, happy new year!


My Steam Deck finally got freed from FedEx purgatory and holy hell the bastard is huge. Its somehow wider than the Wii U gamepad, yet feels comfy.


for the love of god fedex update the location of my steam deck aaaaa


A new Armored Core? Sweet.


Halo Infinite's recent Custom games browser update is neat, as is regular forge, but man I wonder how the game would've been if it was as feature complete earlier. Ah well, at least its in a good enough position to recommend playing again.


Time for the moment of truth with more gameplay. Obviously wont justify waiting 10 years for, but at least time to see if it looks fun beyond quick trailer cuts.


Looking at the scores for Callisto Protocol right now are certainly interestingly polarizing...I'll be sure to give a play eventually but hearing that New Game+ wont be in the game at launch just turned me off a bit.


Gonna shill games I think are cool for the Steam summer sale, and Ex-Zodiac is fantastic if you want SNES Star Fox but faster, with After Burner inspired special stages! It's early access but it already feels super polished and plays like a damn dream.


I'm no Atari expert, or even lover really. But the Atari 50 collection from what little I've played is neat so far, it's a great little history lesson even if the games aren't all for me.


Not sure if its a cold or a lukewarm take at this point, but The Order 1886 actually ain't that bad. Yeah it's pretty much an interactive movie but the setting and gunplay are pretty damn good. Plus it still looks gorgeous, worth the $10 it goes for now.


Man, VHS 99 was pretty disappointing. Only the second and final shorts are really memorable, and even then the second part really suffered from bad CGI, like it was made for cheap. That said, Mable a QT


I was a little worried about RE4 remake, but thank god they kept in the goofy dumb banter. Combat actually looks decent, much better than RE2/3 make. The rest of the conference was weak before that though.


Silent Hill 2 Remake looks...honestly fine. It aint going to replace the original in my heart, but it looks like a novel way of re-experiencing the story. James's face looks odd but its cool that they brought back old staff!


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