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Having to wait over a minute for the first time since Diablo’s launch. Makes sense. It kicked me to install a patch, so now I think everyone who was playing is trying to log back in


First time since launch I’m having to wait to log in to Diablo. I’d call that a pretty successful launch! (On PC at least, I know PS5 had issues)


Feel like I’m committing sacrilege by opting for controller over mouse for Diablo, but I’m old and prefer to be comfortable. Also, this game is pretty ducking good so far.


Looking forward to finding out if Nioh 2 remains the best Diablo game


Fuck it, I’m gonna let myself get excited for FFXVI


Gotta join in the fun


Favorite way to spend a Sunday


Watching Rise of Skywalker finally, and gotta say, I'm having fun! I think people sometimes put too much expectation on Star Wars. They aren't meant to be Oscar winners. They're supposed to be simple, good vs evil, enjoy with your kids fun movies


Who the fuck does Sophia Lillis remind me of?! I'm watching D&D, and her specific look here is reminding me of someone from a late 90's/early 00's movie, but I'm drawing a complete blank


Damn it. I was all into TotK, then I thought, "you know, I haven't tried dual swords in Nioh 2 yet." Guess I'll hit up Zelda in July now


OK, just finished it. How the hell did Evil Dead Rise get good reviews? It feels and looks like a SyFy movie. And not in the ironic good way


Evil Dead Rise spoilers in the comments (30 minutes in at least)


Loving TotK so far, but I will say, I have a feeling I'm going to use Ultrahand the bare minimum. My eyes just glaze over whenever building is involved in a game. Fuse, though? That shit fucking ROCKS


Fuck it, I’m buying Tears. If I wait until I actually beat BOTW I’ll just be burned out on Zelda before I even start


Happy to announce I’m a proud new father of 7


Guess I should finally beat Breath of the Wild, huh?


Crazy ass day today. That shooting in Atlanta was a block away from my office. Under lockdown basically all afternoon. The rumors that were flying around were crazy


Who would have dreamed we’d be living in a world where Dead Island 2 is seemingly a much better and more polished game than the latest from Arkane?


I'm obsessed with this performance. Trying like hell to convince my wife to go see one of their festival appearances this year


Goddamn have I been sleeping on Barry! This show is fan-fucking-tastic. Just wrapped up season one.


Just read that DiCaprio might play Billy Summers in the series adaptation of the King book. No thanks. My vote is Stephen Root. He can play dumb, smart, and terrifying. Watching Barry now makes me think he's perfect for it


After sinking in a decent amount of time, Dead Island 2 is far better than I expected. The skill card system can eat a dick, though. Having to choose between being able to block or dodge is, as the French say, fucking stupid


I sprung for Dead Island 2 (decided to hold off reinstalling DL2 until the parkour update this summer). Fun times so far!


So torn on Dead Island 2. On one hand, feels like a perfect “wait for $30” game. On the other, I just want to chill and whack some zombies


Just hit Dream of the Wise bitches! Now that I'm actually playing through endgame in Nioh 2, I still don't know which I prefer. Doing this or just the constant restarts I've been doing the past few years. Call me crazy, but I actually like the story!


Random question: looking for a game to chill with. Have they fixed the performance issues with those latest Pokémon games yet?


Prepare yourselves. I'm about to speak the words I never thought I'd speak. I'm burning out on Nioh 2. The NG+ grind is getting rough. Might be time for a break


Today was my last(ish) day at my favorite job so far. So excited for what I'm moving on to, but man was it bittersweet. First time I've left a job where I wasn't ready to leave, but the new opportunity was just too damn good to pass on


Ah, fuck, time to fight Otakemaru again. I love Nioh 2, but I hate this fight. It's basically "oh, you didn't do a magic build? Good luck!"


I swore I wouldn't do it yet, but I was weak. Bought RE4. I thought the new MLB game came out today, but finding out that's next week sealed my fate


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