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Review: Firewatch (PS4)

This review can also be seen on my blog, where I have previously posted it. One of the primary reasons as to why I love video games is because they allow me to escape the real world. After all, the real world is nowhere near as exci...


Waifu Wars: Yennefer of Vengerberg

Hello, hello! I joined Destructoid just today, and I figured – what better way to start off my blog on here than to get involved in the Waifu Wars and talk about my very important favorite female character and ultimate waifu? Caution: s...


About heartimeciaone of us since 1:42 PM on 02.02.2016

Hi! My name is Natalie. I am a college student, video games enthusiast, and aspiring editor/writer for the games industry. I really love Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Final Fantasy, The Witcher, Kingdom Hearts, the Zero Escape series, Bayonetta, and much more. Besides video games, I love to watch films and TV shows, engage in discussions, read books, listen to music (both video game related and not), and make graphics on Photoshop in my spare time. I look forward to using this as a blogging space to share my thoughts, reviews, and analyzations. Thanks for reading this, and check out my blog for further posts!