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Blog (And Life) Update - 2/8/2011

It's come to my attention that I've become a hermit away from already pretty much being a hermit. See, in 2010, I was all about posting stuff online, doing podcasts, playing videogames, and whatever else while staying away from normal society, specifically because I felt like they turned their backs on me after I was fired in January. But only now have I realized that the exact opposite has happened in the past couple of months since I started my new job.

Oh, I'm still not happy with my last company and it'll still be a while before I get over that trauma, but what I mean is I've had (and put forth) literally zero time to my 2010 hobbies since I've gotten my new job, which isn't fair either. I really enjoyed 2010, despite constantly worrying about my finances. And that's why I feel it's time to update regarding everything I was doing.

Wonderpod Podcasts And Other Podcasting

Previously I was a member of two podcasts. Wonderpod was the main one and it was strictly a videogame podcast as an extension from Project Wonderboy. The other one was Station Nation for the now defunct, but somewhat rebuilt Morphine Nation (now known as BTW, Actually). I don't think there's been a Station Nation for about a year, but it'd be hard to get myself organized right now for one anyway.

The one I feel really bad about (and even missed the apparently epic 50th show) is Wonderpod. This was a show that me, Patman, and Bruce McGee started way way back last year and had a lot of fun with, but now, because of my schedule, I can't make the shows. We tried to change the day, but it's horribly inconvenient for everyone else. This likely won't change until my transportation situation improves (aka I get a new car), which might take a while.

It's still a great show, but sadly I don't think I'll be able to attend again until I either have Thursdays off or get a new car. I'm guessing that should be resolved by June, maybe sooner if I can budget my refund out well.

Game Of The Year Series

This is a series that was fun to do and easy on me as a reviewer. I would definitely like to get back into it again, but I'm not sure if I can get it to be a daily update kinda thing. A weekly update is more likely to be honest. The last thing I want is monthly updates, so I need to figure out what kind of game I'm going to tackle and how specific I want to be.


This doesn't seem like much of a section, but it's important all the same. Used to be I was checking in and at least updating once a day on FB. I'm not the most popular motherfucker ever, but I still like to see what's going on with my friends. I'm also going to be starting Twitter soon, but mostly because my job has updates through them. That said, definitely hit me up on there if you're interested.

Game Reviews And General Articles

Used to be it wasn't too hard for me to whip together a game review or rant about something totally random or oddly specific in a way that would make you cringe. Nowadays, I just don't have time or inspiration. That second one is especially a killer. I mean, even if I don't have that much time, I'm always home at least for a while. As long as I knew what I wanted to review, I could do it...but lately I feel like the well's dried up.

I was thinking it'd be fun to do something similar to AVGN (just not as over the top), but that would require even MORE time and inspiration as well as software and such that I don't even know where to begin with. It's more of an idea than a plan, really. I'm thinking of tackling a few more retros until I get my 360 back, then hopefully I'll have some more ideas for reviewing modern games, assuming I allocate enough time to really play my games.

Customers Suck

At my last job especially, this place was a godsend. And sure, I get obnoxious customers every so often at my current job, but especially since I have to be the ray of sunshine to their otherwise shit on day, I can't afford to be negative right now. That and I don't exactly have Internet access currently, so even if I get a call where I'm like "man that really needs to hit a forum somewhere," I could write it down, but I wouldn't have full recollection of it by the time I got home.

It's still a thought and I've been meaning to come back sooner or later, so we'll see.

RPG RPG Revolution

This is the one that saddens me the most. Previously I had taken on a role of being a reviewer for RPG RPG Revolution, a site that features and helps support games made in RPG Maker as well as a few other engines. Specifically we deal with RPGs, but people have made several other types of games there, even with the RPG Maker engines. At first, it was pretty fun and I got to give constructive feedback for the forum members regarding their projects.

Eventually, though, I just didn't allocate time to it. Even though the games weren't bad or hard to review, I just wasn't putting forward enough time to do it. When I got my new job, it totally went to shit and I just didn't have any time for it. I already let them know I was quitting, but the major reasons I feel so bad is they're already massively backed up when it comes to reviews and I feel like I let them down.

I'm hoping eventually I can get myself organized enough to come back and help out, even if not as an official reviewer.

Game Development

So as most people know, I'm working (or was working) on two games: Gun Sage, a post apocalyptic RPG about revenge, and Hobo Quest, which is just as crazy as it sounds. Neither one has significant progress, really, as I keep revising things and never really have released a demo beyond beta. Sadly, I really haven't found time to do ANYTHING new for my games other than just come up with more ideas that I don't have time to implement and I'll probably forget anyway.

I'm hoping I can resume progress on these, but they're kind of on the back burner until I can figure everything else out first.

So Where Does That Put Us

It's currently 6 AM here in Ohio on a Tuesday. I'm off on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. As much as I hate having to use the laptop while I'm at home, that might be what I end up doing just so I can get some much needed work done. I've also got a ridiculous backlog of games, DVR'd stuff, Netflix, and even movies I bought months ago but still haven't watched.

I also haven't been working out lately because I've been sick, but "having sniffles" can really only be an excuse for so long. With my new schedule, I also won't have time to work out on the weekends since I get off at 5 PM and the gym closes at 7 PM (it usually takes me an hour or greater to get in a good workout). Of course, I could go there to at least run a few miles or something on those days, but that's assuming I don't have mandatory overtime like I did this last weekend.

On the weekdays the gym closes at 10 PM, so I really need to start taking advantage of it again, even if it's just running or something. Again, though, doing that cuts into time needed for everything else, so I've got to figure out some kind of happy medium. I know this is very tl;dr, but I appreciate you for reading it. Hopefully I'll get everything sorted out soon.
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