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Adventure Game of the Year - 1990

This time around I will changing things up a bit. I will only be doing a top 3 for each year and I'm hoping that will suffice as some years have barely any adventure titles released. I'm also trying to be as accurate as possible, which is proving to be difficult considering most of these are labeled either incorrectly or in poor chronological order on Wiki. In fact, let me know if something's out of place or missing on these as I've been updating their "official" list with THEIR OWN INFORMATION...so yeah.

The first adventure game I ever played was Maniac Mansion with my favorite series still probably being Monkey Island. Once again, I will attempt, to the best of my ability, to produce when each game came out in America and on what systems. I'm also hoping I can have youtube vids for each title rather than just the box art. There were 13 titles this year, so let's get started.

#3 - King's Quest 5

The King's Quest franchise is certainly an interesting one, but the first one I ever played was King's Quest 5. KQ5 still had a bunch of fairy tale/folklore stuff in it, but it was less plagiarized and more interesting. KQ5 was, just like the previous in the series, also no pushover. Even though it was the first to have the new GUI, it was still amazingly easy to get stuck and not even know it until WAY later in the game.

Usually I don't like those kinds of adventure titles, but KQ5 had enough charm that I didn't care and kept trudging away, without a walkthrough mind you, until the very end. Good characters, good dialog, good puzzles, and tough ass difficulty, KQ5 is an excellent addition to any adventure gamer's library.

#2 - Quest for Glory 2

It almost feels unfair having this on TWO "top lists," but whatever, this is my list, so suck it. Last time I didn't really talk about the puzzle element, so here goes. The interesting thing about the QFG series isn't just the different implicit playstyles depending on the type of main character you choose, it's also how it affects the puzzle elements.

I remember this especially well in QFG4 (and you might as well put money on it winning again too), but it applies to the series as a whole, really making you think about how to approach certain situations. It was also good fun to start the game over once you beat it and figure out how the scenarios differed, where you could go before that you couldn't previously with character X, and even how differently you were treated by certain people.

QFG is literally the only series I know of that does this, but it does it quite well and thus, has lots of replay value, several ways to solve puzzles, and much more that would most likely spoil the game if I went on.

#1 - Secret of Monkey Island

By now most people have experienced the Tales of Monkey Island games or the Special Edition remakes, but...come on. Did you HEAR that PC speaker version of the original theme? Badass! For the time it came out, the music was really amazing, regardless of whether you were listening to the sound blaster, midi, or PC speaker version.

Nevermind the music, this was Lucasarts' first "can't die" game...and it's really, REALLY good. The puzzles are really clever and well thought out, insult sword fighting is fucking awesome, and the entire game, cast, and dialog is hilarious. If you haven't played the unaltered original version, I decree that thou must!!

Runner Ups

Some of these I hadn't heard of, so I checked them out on youtube. I'd say about half of them are pretty good and the other half...pretty weird. Still, they're definitely worth checking out, especially if you're on an adventure kick like I am.

Altered Destiny
Earthrise - A Guild Investigation
Hugo's House of Horrors
James Bond - The Stealth Affair
Les Manley in Search for the King
Maupiti Island
Rise of the Dragon
Spellcasting 101 - Sorcerer's Get All The Girls
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