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TheCollegeGamer podcast episode 4: Christmas

Yes everyone, I know that Santa has already come and gone. You watched your adolescent relatives go crazy over the Wii, and all that jazz, but that is no reason to stop it with the holiday cheer, no siree, Bob. "But Garison," you ask, "h...


LocoRoco 2 & Patapon 2 demo impressions

Everyone just ignore the last blog post. It was a f*ck up, srry. Also,I on't know how to fix the messed up paragraph spacing thing. If anyone know how to fix this, plz help! I'm sorry. Lately I have been struck with all things Japanese. I...


Lately I have been struck with all things Japanese. I bought an import copy of Ouendan 2, I have been an avid lurker of Tomopop, and I'm even going to Japan in April for a school trip, so it's only fitting that I get with the times and make...


TheCollegeGamer Podcast Episode 3: Mario

What's TheCollegeGamer you ask? Why, it's only me, Pendelton21, Xavier (aka kratosx), James (aka nukka jdav), and Armando's (aka playahatea45 unknown blog that nobody reads! Well, until now that is. We have a weekly podcast in which we ta...


New gameplay of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

Behold, the first gameplay of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, the new Kindom Hearts installment for the PSP (that's the PlayStation Portable for all you avatarless trolls). The first video features Roxas, (Sora's Nobody) hangin' out wit...


Retro games FTW!

I was staying at my friends house the other night, and I was looking through her old NES games, and I asked her if she plays any of these games She said I could pick out a bunch of games from her pile and take them as a Christmas present!...


My New Games (I'm A Sony Fanboy Edition)

Today I spent almost half of my entire pay check on games. 1. I got Persona 3: FES because I want to get part 4 when it comes out, and I wanted to catch up on the series before I played it. Plus the players guide, because I suck at RPG'...


Shit DS Games: America's Next Top Model Edition

Wow, are you cereal Eidos? This game just looks like more game studio's bringing out more "casual" crap just to make money. Sigh... In the game you control one of 10 hopeful models to possible be given the honor of winning the title "Ame...


Old X-Play Vs. New X-Play

I remember back before I had internet, the G4TV show, X-Play was my only source for what games to buy (besides Nintendo Power). I watched the show almost every day, I loved finding out about all these new games coming out. It gave me a sens...


My ep Fallout 3 stand

Check this out guys. I asked my local Source by Circuit City if I could have it when they were done with it, and they said I could have it right there and then! This is amazing.


Expensive videogame consoles, do ppl really care?

With the (kind of) recent price drop of the Xbox 360, it got me thinking about the price of video game consoles in general, and if most people really care about how much they are paying for their videogames. Example 1: My neighbors are b...


Garison's Game Collection.

So I have been meaning to post some pictures of my games for a while, and I finally got around to doing it! My collection may not be as impressive as some other peoples on Dtoid, but I am very proud My gaming setup. My TV sits atop a she...


Mirrors Edge Demo: Available Oct 30/31

The demo will be available on the Black Box O' Blue Ray Tomorrow, the 30th, and on Xbox 360 the day after. It will come with a tutorial to the game, prologue, and a single player mission. I hear that only people who preorder the game will...


OMG Fallout sadness!!!! [EDIT]

What is missing from this setup? After school yesterday, I decided to go to my local game store and see if they might have Fallout 3 in yet. (Which I knew they wouldn't, because it just came out, and I live in the middle of nowhere.) But m...


LittleBigPlanet offends Muslims AND Creationists now

"A co-worker just explained this game to me. Apparently the player gets to create a life form and watch it evolve from a single-cell organism, basically, into some sort of creature. The idea, apparently, is to see if there is some sort of d...


Dear Chad....... Robot Dolphin

I was reading my Ripley's Believe It Or Not book, and when I saw this picture, I automatically thought of Chad Concelmo! It is a robot dolphit, with a cockpit, that you can ride in!!! This thing is seriously the COOLEST thing that I hav...


garison's Games Of The Week: Pt. II

I decided to make an improved garison's games of the week post, since the first one was... not very good. Sorry about the "hotlinking is not aloud" catastrophe , I just wanted to show off all the new games I bought this week. So I took some...


What I like about the new DSi.

I think the new DSi that was released this morning is really great. I like the fact that they put not only one, but TWO cameras on it, and I think that in a while. The guys developing the new Wario Ware, I know they will put it to good us...


Madio Kart needs something new.

Mario Kart is a great series, and every time a new iteration in the series comes out, I have a blast playing it with my friends. But whenever a new game comes out, it's just the same old Mushroom Kingdom tracks, with the same old Mushro...


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