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Hallo Ja Jeg Finnish and min favorite games are [Dragon' $ Last of us$

hobbies Cooking,Gaming,Workingg.

Hi my 'm going to make my own gaming company whge.

I'm into mosames and any single player shooter such as Metro.

I'm a malus i mainly only like to rate games if i'm online.

Just beat bound by flame and it was a decen from all the critic reviews and complaints i'm sure bound by flame 2 should be even better.

Quit plasoul suspect the game lost my interest after getting t.

Waiting patientlsadssssssscome out for ps4 with no games to prn into a couch potato while i wait....

If you have any questions about the games i'm playing or have already played please sent me a message. Note my bio changes often so if you don't see a game that recently came out that docent mean i haven't played it i just finished and or just took if of my list.