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I NEEEED the Nocturne HD Remaster and R-Type Final 2 in my life. Plenty to do until then but DAMN.


I love this groove. Have a great weekend all!


Thanks for the (random access) memories.


I wanted to share that I'm getting married. A couple of years ago I moved very far from my friends and family. Being able to share thoughts about games and stuff and have people be so chill here is very much appreciated. A track from my wedding setlist:


For me the winners were Capcom Arcade Stadium, NMH3, Project Triangle, and Splatoon 3. I'm currently in lust with Capcom Arcade Stadium <3<3<3 My at-a-glance favorites are Progear and Giga Wing. I'm sure I'll find a few more to love.


One prediction for the Nintendo Direct: Jack Frost will be in Smash.


I'm pretty happy with the Switch version of P5 Strikers being a consistent 30 fps. This will be the start of the Year of SMT. Here's to hoping SMT V makes 2021.


I want to recut the ending of Romancing the Stone but instead of Micheal Douglas on his boat in the street it's the crocodile. The crocodile is wearing boots made of halves of Micheal Douglas's face. Kathleen Turner swoons and gets her head bitten off.


I FINALLY beat the Amygdala at the bottom of the Cursed Pthumerian Defilement chalice dungeon!!! I'm kicking myself for starting another NG+ before getting the ritual material (living string) to create the final dungeon but it should go fast.


I finished up all remaining Bloodborne trophies but the chalice dungeon one. I'm going to try to get that done on Thursday (if I have all the ritual materials) and then take a break from longer games. There are fitness games and shmups calling to me.


I continue to level up by plunging my arm deep into the anuses of giant pigs with hundreds of eyes, deftly mirroring my real life.


This is a fantastic list --- Rolling Gunner, Crimzon Clover, Jet Lancer, and Ginga Force all present. Spoilers: their #1 game is about to debut on Switch on the 27th for 9.99


Playing the Bloodborne card game w/ some friends has brought me back around to the video game. It feels great to do a victory lap on NG+ and hunt down the few remaining trophies. Slaying w/ my Lost Holy Moonlight Sword +10.


I've started playing XCOM 2 and it's fucking amazing. Who knew that Billie Holiday could lead Coltrane, Monk, Fitzgerald, and Brubeck against an alien force dominating the earth? Seriously though I'm utterly hooked. I'm hoping it holds up on switch too.


My top games for 2020 --- Yakuza: Like a Dragon, Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions, Streets of Rage 4, and Crimson Clover: World EXplosion.


Reading Neuromancer by William Gibson...hype levels for Cyberpunk 2077 rising. Pleasure Model by Noisia & Former:


PSA: Space Invaders Forever is coming to the Switch and PS4 on Dec. 11, 2020. It includes Space Invaders Extreme, Arkanoid vs. Space Invaders, and Space Invaders Gigamax 4 SE. I didn't know this was coming so soon and I love these games. :)


Happy Saturday! I hope you can get some quality game time in today or tomorrow. Here is some aggressive drum n' bass to workout or do dishes to. :)


Fate intervened and I got paid while the Turbo Grafix 16 mini was available on amazon. I'm pretty hyped for Soldier Blade, Blazing Lazers, Air Zonk, Spriggan, Super Darius, Salamander and all the other gorgeous shmups on it.


I'm really enjoying Captain Tsubasa so far. I love arcade-style games and it is extremely arcadey. I've basically been smashing into defenders and there are no fouls. It's a super fun, stupid game. I'm hyped for Hotshot Racing for arcade racing soon too.


What are you playing? I'm working Fri/Sat so posting here. I'm playing: Captain Tsubasa (tomorrow), Jet Lancer, Aka to Blue, and Deathsmiles. Reading: The Expectant Father (!) Listening: Malibu Ken (thanks RiffRaff!), Posij Have a great weekend Dtoid!


Ikaruga designed shirt came in today. :)


What are you playing? I have to work over the weekend *pukes* but I should make up for it w/ more hiking. Playing: Rolling Gunner, Battle Garegga Rev.2016, Panzer Paladin, and TLoU II. Listening: Thys, Squarepusher. Have a great weekend Dtoid!


To import ESP Ra. De. or not? Leaning towards the former just need to wait a week for $$$.


Rolling Gunner is an amazing shmup! Directed by Koizumi Daisuke (former CAVE employee) of Dondonpachi fame. It's a horizontal shooter with a modular unit that is constantly firing with your ship (you can rotate it in 360 degrees). This game is pure love.


I wanted to share one of my favorite tunes ever. Have a good Saturday! :)


Questions about FF Crystal Chronicles Remastered on Switch - (Japanese) Physical version on Play-Asia: Does anyone know if this version has english language? Also, would online play work fine in North America region with other NA players? Thank you!!!


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