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puzzle quest : GALCTOID!!!!!!!

ok so i just started getting into editing the files for puzzle quest : galactrix. and i was thinking of something to make it look different while playing the game as normal. so i changed the different color tiles into the dtoid logo. i also...


10 things you didnt know about me

1. when i was young i used to get mad playing Coleco games that i would bite the controllers and leave teeth marks in them. 2.i used to play street fighter 2 on SNES when it first came out. trying to beat it on the highest difficulty. and...


skate 2 Dtoid sticker now available.

so i just used the sticker creator for skate 2 , its kinda like forza and the other sticker type graphic creators i know this post is small but where else could i tell people who are gonna be playing skate where they can get one of these...


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