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hazaa....my first blog, let's talk art


Are videogames art? In a hundred years will megaman be remembered as one of humanity's greatest achievement or will it be brushed off as an electronic toy? will pizza ever get delivered in a round box? who knows. All I know is there's one type of art that can never be denied. Fanart.

Yes my friends, I'm here today to celebrate a seldom underated portion of the gaming culture, the fanart. Artists have always drawn inspiration from the things that they love, and with videogames as wide-spread and popular as they are nowadays, you bet your golden nugget artistic individuals would deliver the goods

short movies animated or live-action, music, comics, fanfiction, clothes, jewelry, sculptures..you name it. It seems you can find work derived from videogames everywhere you look. But right now I'm only talking about drawings.

There are countless art hosting sites and in them there is no shortage of gaming stuff, here are a few of the goodies I've found

Ellie by Chloe Veillard

A blood spattered Ellie stands emotionless, with a flat affect, apathetic. A perfect representation of what the last of us is. A world gone mad where the only way to survive is to feel nothing.

Hitman poster by Jason Edmiston

A hitman poster reminiscent of old pulp movies

ori by Fantazyme from tumblr

manacing, fantastical, colorful... tells you all you need to know about the ori games. You have the adorable looking protagonist threatened by a twisted, crooked creature hunting after him.

metroid fusion by jevi93 from deviantart

While most artists pose samus in suggestive ways and call it a night, this one chose to focus on the atmosphere instead. A badass galactic bounty hunter taking cover from a sinister figure... now that's samus done right.

Bloodbourne by karmahul from artstation

There is a painting like quality to this picture that works so well with what the artist is trying to display. A cold lifeless world, just stones and ruin; A dark warior, A daunting task ahead.

young link by Rick Tenorio from behance.net

The shading here is outstanding, it gives link this clay like feel to him. That and way link is displayed standing on a round platform gives the idea that you're looking at a figurine. I just wish the he hadn't included Navi and her stupid fucking catchphrase

And finally we have rayman's inner light by earthgweed, I got nothing to say. It just looks cool.

light up the comments with some cool art you've dug up if you can...adios muchachos

- Don't freak out. I'm only wearing a ski-mask for comic-con.

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