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Those meddling kids: F*ck 'em (nsfw)

Imagine this, will you? Back when I was just starting college in Tokyo, my father suggested I'd stay with one of his friends' family while attending school. I didn't really care one way or another, but imagine the shock for me as a healthy ...


My collection of stuff - part 3: Figures

After the runaway successes that were the first two parts of my series of blogs on my collection on stuff I wasted too much money on while I could’ve spent it on things I actually have more use for, I decided to quickly post the third...


My collection of stuff - part 1: Hardware and games

Hiya there, fellow visitors of Jabberwock (guess what game I'm playing at the moment). It's time to share some things with you. Some really personal things: my collection of random shit I've amassed over the years as a gamer and anime fan. ...


Better with Age: Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

Warning: fanboying ahead. Yes, I think this rather accessible and maybe even simple ARPG's getting better with age. Not because playing it over and over will give you new insights into the story — let's face it, the story isn't all th...


Introduction and AMA

Hello there, my fellow Dtoiders. I already have a blog – feel free to not take a look if you’d like. It has no content at the moment anyway, so I won’t even bother linking it. Besides, it’ll completely in Dutch ...


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