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Better With Age: Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IX was actually my first foray Final Fantasy. I got into the game late, so to speak. To be honest, though, I wouldn’t want any other Final Fantasy to be my first. FFIX is my favorite game in the series, for what I believ...


Rocket League is Amazing, Get it Now

This is less of a blog-post and more of a PSA, but Rocket League just released on the Playstation Store and it’s pretty much the best thing I’ve played all year.  I’m gonna make this quick so I can eat and then keep p...


How Do You Choose What to Play Next?

It’s summer! It’s time for me to go outside, take a trip, maybe finally go to the gym like I always wanted, even! HAH, just kidding, it’s Ramadan, so I’m going to shut myself in and play videogames to stave off the h...


Splatoon Review: Stay Fresh

I initially avoided Splatoon because I thought it was a competitive shooter. I avoided it on these grounds because my time playing competitive shooters lasted about one hour. It was one hour because I have very simple criteria when it...


Rest in Peace, Bro: Thoughts on Broforce

American Bravado is fun to parade around. I’m not even from this country, yet I can’t help but chime in with the “Amuuurika, hell yeah”s of my more patriotic friends. That, combined with the numerous parodies ...


Are Handheld Games Really "Portable"?

Alright, I'm on the bus, time to pull out the 3DS for a quick session of Okamiden...wow, this dungeon is taking forever...alright, there's gotta be a save point coming up...nope, nothin...whelp, my stop is here. Guess I gotta shut i...


Attack of the Unfinished Games

Note: New to Destructoid, this is my first post. Hopefully I'm not just harping on things that other people have already said here! I'll have more original-ish content soon. Thanks for reading! I had a sinking feeling in my gut when t...


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