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Double Fine's Broken Age: Spoiler-free backers opinion

Broken Age is a hand crafted beauty.

It also reminds me of Machinarium with witty Schafer dialogue, which is great. I loved Machinarium!�

What Broken Age is not is an old school adventure game and if I had not enjoyed the documentary this might well have narked me into the realm of displeasure.�

I personally wanted a modern version of what a point and click game would be today if it had been allowed to evolve. What I'm getting at here is greater choice. Meaningful choice in dialogue, multiple puzzle solution with an emphasis on none repeating dialogue, even bizarre puzzles much like talking to the shrunken head in your inventory in the wonderful Monkey Island.�

Although in retrospect its obvious the evolution of the point and click game would be what we have today, the removal of verbs and the removal of the problems you generally get with point and click games (yes... yes, the brute forced clicking of puzzles into submission and the obvious hardships of making multiple puzzles/dialogue trees that would take forever to set right in pre-production).

Now, none of this has damped my pleasure of the game. Its excellent and I don't think Broken Age could ever had lived up to the kickstarter hype we all contributed too.�

Really what I'm asking is... was this the game we all wanted?

I'm not displeased with the kickstarter in the slightest, nor did I expect a reinvention of the genre. I am content that it just might kick off a major revisit to a genre I truly love THEN we'd get the true next generation of adventure games.
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