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Impressions: Bravely Default

Since my comment in this thread has recieved some attention, I decided to make a more complete Preview of this game. I have experienced the game only halfway on my first playthrough in progress, so I cannot provide you with a complete review but rather impressions and comments I recieved from another player who has completed the game several times.

(Changing font size did not work with my browser configuration, so bold text for headers will have to do, unfortunately. And sorry for blurry screens, since fitting ones I found on the net were trademarked, I had to make my own, with an old camera)

The Wii Ledge

You get to rebuild an entire village on a separate screen, by removing blockades and rubble, and by leveling up buildings which grant you gear, special moves, ingredients and items. Any action will take some time, between one and 99 hours. You start out with 4 (?) villagers, and for every villager you add to a task, building time gets cut in half (there are diminishing returns though after the 3rd villager added this way, else it would be very easy to race to overpowered rewards)
You can increase the number of villagers, one of many features including...

Online functionality

Once every 24 hours, you can connect to the internet and invite up to 4 players around the world, which add village population and grant you one move of any of their characters they chose, which you can use as an action in any battle. There's also some stuff you can do with friends connected to you directly, but I can't report on that, sorry.
Connected to the village, invited players will send nemeses to your village (those black flying imbeciles with tiny wings on the upper screenshot). Think of them as viruses which grant XP and job points (no money, darn it) upon defeat. They are very tough and will make you forget any intentions to never switch difficulty to easy.

In closing...

Last but not least, do consider that this type of game usually doesn't draw me in enough for me to get one hour in, with very few examples like Last Remnant, which I nearly completed. But these points I mentioned keep in engaging and entertaining, and you will notice that most of them will stay relevant even after the first playthrough, so you get a good bang for your bucket. Buck. I don't know if you can pay in buckets though.

Thanks for reading, I hope you have even more reason now to look forward to that game, even though you just read a very rough review. As a responsible whisky taster I am most certain that looking forward to something is as tasty as actually trying it, so - sl�inte mhath (spoken: sluhnge wah), and enjoy.
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