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Viz Media is releasing a collection of stories by Chainsaw Man's creator from before he created that series. I've heard his one shots have been pretty cool so I'm definitely keeping an eye out.


I have now in two games (Legend Arceus and Scarlet) caught a shiny Buizel. And in both games the little bastard ran straight up to me. What kind of horrors do shiny Buizels face in nature? Why are they so eager to be caught?


I got some shitty Christmas ornaments for a buck a couple months ago. Gonna sneak them onto the tree at work one by one and see how long it takes for my boss to notice.


I don't think some people understand how good Twitter could be once you filtered out the noise and filled your follows with a healthy dose of artists, shitposters, and mayhem. I'll miss that hellsite.


The good news for me is if Pokémon Scarlet ends up disappointing me I only have to wait a few weeks for Dragon Quest Treasures. Now if that ends up disappointing me...


FanGamer has new SMTV merch. The pins especially look great. Lots of detail.


There's a game that's only the inventory management parts of RE games. That's it. Just figuring out how to fit all the different parts into an inventory grid. Actually not a bad idea for a puzzle game I gotta admit.


Game Awards GOTY nominees. Perhaps an unpopular opinion, but I think it should be Stray. The only other game I've played on this list in Forbidden West though so...


Soulstice let me adjust the text size so I can actually read the in-game text. GOTY.


Y'all remember Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit?


Did you know there's a game in development that is heavily inspired by Kiki's Delivery Service? Well, you do now. Coming out next year (maybe).


Can't wait to see which new farming sims they show off.


Oh no they made another A Christmas Story sequel...


Terraria isn't the only indie game getting mixed into Dead Cells. Now they're adding the Commando from Risk of Rain. The folks at Motion Twin are just mixing all my favorite flavors together now.


My Nintendo has Splatoon X Pokémon Splatfest keychains up for 550 platinum points.


Hot take: Stop saying "it's so bad it's good" any time you're talking about the trash you enjoy. That's not true 99% of the time. You enjoy garbage. Own it.


Had some time to sleep on it and gave it some genuine thought. Going to post some more in-depth thoughts/feelings on Bayonetta 3 in both non-spoiler and spoiler sections. Warning: This is a long one.


Beat Bayonetta 3. Need some time to really compile all my thoughts on it but there is one I can share in the comments. Non-spoiler.


The spookiest part of Halloween this year (for me anyway) is that I'm sick. Maybe if I'm lucky I can stop shitting myself every time I eat something tomorrow!


It's finally here. It's officially the day that I have to basically log off the internet to avoid spoilers for Bayonetta 3. If only people could keep their excitement to themselves.


I don't think we've properly processed that three Silent Hill games were announced, one of which is a remake of (arguably) the most popular game in the franchise and that's the one no one is excited for.


For those that care, the McRib is coming back on Halloween...also it's the last year they are bringing it back. Farewell you sandal sole covered in bbq sauce, you.


Oooooh, this is gonna be a good one.


Always fun when something like this happens.


Nier Automata is a weirdly relaxing game.


Rewatching The Batman (the cartoon not the recent film). This series doesn't get enough love. They did some wild shit.


Annapurna's making a Silent Hill? Color me intrigued.


Apparently Spidey is getting a horror series.


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