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Dephoenix's E3 2017 Miscellaneous Wishlist


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Yeah, okay so, I originally was going to give each conference their own list, but I realized two things. One, there were more than I realized and I'd be rushing to get all of them done before E3. And two, I realized I don't have enough interest in some of them to justify them each getting a blog. So I'm just going to throw all of the conferences I barely care about in one and include some miscellaneous picks that don't fit into any conference, but I still hope to see. Here we go:







DOOM 2 - I loved DOOM 2016, which for me was pretty weird. I'm not big on FPS games, but DOOM really clicked with me. And the ending of the game (no spoilers, don't worry) made me ver interested in a sequel. I don't know if we'll see an announcement this year, but I'm holding out hope.




New Wolfenstein - It's a crazy age we live in when both Doom and Wolfenstein are not only both active series but also both very good. I'd love to see a new Wolfenstein announced, if only just to have more Wolfenstein. Not much to say, just I hope they keep the quality going.


Elder Scrolls Fallout


Elder Scrolls/Fallout Crossover - I know it sounds ridiculous, but hear me out. I would love to see a game set in the Elder Scrolls universe after a nuclear disaster. Post apocalyptic fantasy. Imagine radioactive dragons, Deathclaw trolls, mutated slaughter fish being an actual threat. You can't deny that it would at least be interesting.


Devolver Digital



Hotline Miami


Okay so outside of Hotline Miami, I'm not real familiar with Devolver. And after Hotline Miami 2, I don't want to see another game in the series. But I understand that Devolver is basically using this conference to give indie games that would otherwise fly under the radar, or just be shown briefly in one of the big 3's "we love indie games, but not enough to give them any real exposure" montages a bit more attention. Which is great. I hope to see some games I might otherwise have missed.





Yeah, so I'm not a big fan of sports games, Sims, or Battlefield, so I don't have much to say about EA, but here's a couple of games I hope to see.




Unravel 2 - The first game was gorgeous and deserving enough of a sequel. Plus it would be nice to see EA actually make good on their "we want to help small indie devs" promise.




Fe - We haven't seen or heard much from this game since E3 last year. I thought it looked very interesting and promising, so I hope to get some sort of update on it this year. I just hope it isn't of cancellation.







New Rayman (No Rabbids) - Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends were great games that deserved better. With the Mario/Rabbids game coming (shudder) I really hope there is still someone at Ubisoft that remembers Rayman and wants to make a proper game for him. I know the demand is there Ubisoft, so please supply. And also, please no more Rabbids.


Prince of Persia


New Prince of Persia - It's been a while since we've had a Prince of Persia game. The series always had its own special charm to it. It's become a franchise that I feel lots of people just don't think about anymore. So I really hope we see a new one announced at E3. 


The Rest

The Rest:




Severed Sequel/Spiritual Successor - Severed was one of my favorite games last year. It was a very pleasant surprise, and one I'd like to have again. If Drinkbox made a sequel or a new game in the same style I'd definitely be on board. Or really any new game by Drinkbox. They've got a good track record so far.


Devil May Cry 5


Devil May Cry 5 - This one's been rumored for a while, and an announcement would be exciting. With the success of DMC4 Special Edition, I'm sure Capcom will get to it eventually. I'm not sure what to expect from a DMC5, but whatever it may be, I'm sure it will be stylish.


DmC 2


DmC 2 - I don't care, I liked DmC. It wasn't perfect, but it was a lot of fun for me. Even if it didn't do well, and got a lot of flak, I hope Capcom continues the series. There's room in this world for both Dantes. Just maybe let a better writer handle the dialogue this time.


Vanquish 2


Vanquish 2 - While I'm sure that Vanquish coming to PC recently is just, well, that, I still sort of hope it's a sign of something more. Vanquish was a brief, yet very enjoyable game that I had a lot of fun with. I'd love to see what Platinumgames would do with a sequel.


Remember Me 2


Remember Me 2 - While some people found this game ironically forgettable, I quite liked it. It could have used some polish, some more memory altering segments, better dialogue, and a massive overhaul to the combat, but there was some solid concepts behind this game. Now that they've got some more experience, I think they could make a much better game. I would like to see Dontnod get a second chance. 


Mega Man


Mega Man - Any Mega Man. X, Zero, Legends, Star Force, Battle Network, X-ov…okay well maybe not ANY Mega Man, but you get it. It's been too long without a proper appearance from the Blue Bomber. I miss this series a lot, so I really hope Capcom gets their heads  out of their asses and finally makes a new one. 2D sidescroller, 3D action/adventure, I don't really care. Just get the little guy back into action.


Modnation racers


New Modnation Racers - So I kind of forgot to include this one in my Sony Wish List. Therefore, I'm throwing it in here. I really liked the original Modnation, and I feel that a new one could allow for more customization and creativity. It's a shame since the developers are no longer around that we probably won't ever see another entry, but Sony could revive it still.


Well, that's all I got for this hodgepodge of a list. I hope to see at least a few announced this year. I'm also just hoping for some surprises. No matter what more games is always a good thing (well, maybe not for my wallet). Sorry to sort of just throw all these together, but I think you can how none of these were really big enough to justify their own separate blogs. I have two blogs left, so I hope you'll check those out too.


- Thank You For Reading, And Remember: Hot Dogs are Sandwiches. #TeamSandwich

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