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I Love Halo's Universe, but Hate Its Storyline

In addition to being an extremely well-crafted series in terms of playability, Halo contains one of the richest, most deeply thought-out and exploration-worthy universes in a video game. Its density of fascinating ideas and locations rivals...


Tales of Etrian Odyssey : Close Call

Once a while back, I very nearly committed that cardinal sin of throwing my DS down/across the room while playing Etrian Odyssey. The game was just so punishing, the experience so addictive, that I could not bring myself either to stop or ...


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I'm a 24 year old from California with a voracious appetite for media and all things geeky. I like most video game types, with the exceptions being puzzlers and fighters. Destructoid and its staff loom large in my life. Receiving an email reply from Jonathan Holmes was both thrilling and nauseating, being as it was both drunken and influenced by a podtoid overdose. Sorry, Jonathan...