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Hey y'all! Some server hiccups aside, it seems a lot of folks have been able to make accounts on Cohost. Connecting everyone has been a challenge, so I made a doc (linked in replies) to help us stay together


Let's goooooooo


Some takeaways from *gestures broadly* -- I should have cblogged more, and backing up old blogs gutted me. Also, there are WAY more people on Qtoid than I realized, including a bunch of pre-Gamergate lurkers I didn't realize were still on the site???


$60 for an untouched PS1 ROM + ports of two 12 y/o remasters that I got on sale for $7.50 before they got delisted is genuinely crazy lol


Downloaded NFS Unbound in the hopes that Criteron might finally have made a NFS game that feels good to play aaaaand nope. Back to Forza Horizon I guess 😑


This shit sucks. The whole point of paying the $15/month for XGP was the promise that these day one 1st party releases were finally coming -- now we've jumped from $180/yr to more than $200/year with a precedent that it will happen again. Ugh


2011 Me, you're the real MVP 👍


What's a dumb video game habit that you have? I'm reminded of one of mine as I replay Insomniac Spider-Man -- I don't use alternate character costumes lol. They're not canon! It just feels weird when I see them in cutscenes 🤷‍♂️


I've been speculating on this for a while so it was interesting to see it finally get asked of MS directly. Most importantly, it seems MS is at least open to no longer having every Activision team work exclusively on COD, which is the current dynamic


Playing the mission where you gotta find the brainwashed NYU (I mean "ESU") students off social media posts and Pete keeps giving me "hints" like a companion in a God of War puzzle. Like bro lemme figure this out, stop spoiling it I know my own city 😭


Well that was fucking dogshit. Microsoft said we'd get actual gameplay and they just straight up fucking lied. Yea this is easily going down as the worst "E3" in my lifetime and it's not particularly close


Hot take: Insomniac's Spider-Man and Eidos Montreal's Guardians of the Galaxy are the best adaptions of either sets of comic characters in any other medium


I didn't say it, he did


This intro is quietly brilliant and what they set up with the world map is really cool but idt I can handle Amnesia: The Bunker. The noise - light - exploration combination is too much for me lol. Glad people are enjoying it tho!


For anybody else in the northeast, stick inside until after midnight if you can. If you can't, then wear a mask. Air quality is really dangerous from the Canadian wildfire. Pic technically related


Amnesia: The Bunker following in the footsteps of Prey (2017) by wrapping an immersive sim in the branding of an IP that is in fact not an immersive sim lol


Idk man this seems like a pretty strong argument for putting difficulty options in Dark Sou-- *gunshot*


RIP to RARGB, maybe the best torrent site on the internet. This is a pretty brutal loss for cultural preservation, the obviously much more serious issue of the war aside


Developer in 2023: "We must put yellow paint on everything otherwise the player won't understand how to proceed." Developer in 2001:


This one got lost in the Qtoid ether: somebody put me in charge of Konami so I can do this shit right


I said a while back when Sony's shareholder data indicated the overwhelming majority of its sales were digital that this would be he last generation of consoles w/ built in disc drives. Update on that:


Solid showing by Sony, but that last bullet point is a massive red flag. I'm glad they're not teasing stuff that's years out like they always do, but maybe year (singular) out? What gives?


*MGS4 vamp voice* Could this be the game to finally scratch my Inside itch?


Underrated side effect of TotK being so good is the memes have been equally fantastic 😂


Literally crying at this. The comedic timing is perfect. Link in the replies. No actual spoilers, contrary to the username warning here


So that's a wrap on ReCore. Beat all the content and did pretty much everything short of some grindy achievement hunting. It was good! Feels like what Jak & Daxter 2/3 should have become. Would be down for a sequel, for sure


Got an IGN editor so upset on the bird app that he made a poll about me. How's everybody else's day been so far? Lol


Me: "I don't need to buy a Switch for Tears of the Kingdom, I already have it at home." My TotK at home:


PSA: My Friend Pedro is leaving Game Pass on the 15th. Had an absolute blast and highly recommend trying it before it leaves. Maybe the "coolest" game I've played in a while and I laughed a ton. Can be beaten in 1 to 2 sittings so not a major investment


Spencer's led Xbox for 9yrs. MS gave him billions to build its dev studios and I've seen him make excuses like these in interviews every single year. I'm fucking tired. Spencer's tenure at Xbox has been a failure. No one's left to blame but him.


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