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Sony E3 Prediction/Wish List Part 1 - PS4 Games

E3 is right around the corner, and with all these fake "leaks" sounding like they're just a bunch of wish lists, I figured I might as well make one of my own. Since Sony's conference is the one I'm most interested in, he's my somewhat reali...


So I've never beaten Ocarina before... or the Deku Tree

So before you revoke my gamer card, let me explain. In the Summer of 1998, I took a trip with my mom to North Carolina. I was on vacation from school, the man she had been dating for a while had family in NC, so she decided that we'd spend ...


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I'm an (aging) dude who plays games and comments about stuff. Been on Dtoid since 2010-ish, back during the Sterling days, though this account's a bit newer than that. Don't post on the FP anymore but you can find me on Qtoid and (occasionally) the Cblogs.

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