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Wal-Mart - "lol wat r street dates?"

So my dear sweet mother asked me to run by Wal-Mart to pick up some batteries and yarn last night. I decided to go look at the DVDs and games just for the hell of it. As I was looking at some movies I noticed 30 Days of Night on the shelf, "Now wait a minuet isn't that street dated for next Tuesday?" I asked myself. I checked on my phone and sure enough it is. Now you know I've worked retail enough times to know that if you put something on the shelf before the street date you can get in a lot of trouble, so I told the guy it was street dated for next Tuesday and he just stared at me for a while while the gears turned in his head. He then picked up a form and studied it for a while and looked at me and said "not according to THIS". So I just gave up and left, but hey if you want 30 Days of Night early check Wal-Mart where they couldn't care less.

In more VGR topics I finally beat No More Heores a few days ago. I gotta say I thought the ending lacked a little something. It felt rather anti-climatic to me. I won't give any spoilers though.

Well I'm off to patiently wait for the new podtoid and for Super Smash Bros. Brawl ... ok not patiently for Brawl more like waiting impatiently
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