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Preview: I love Horses

You know there are two things I love in this world, video games and horses. I just love horses man, I really just can't get enough of them! Haven't we all taken a moment to just stop and admire the strong loins of a well built horse? Well luckily for me and those like me the DS is about to have a game just for horse lovers. The game is coming out April 21st and is titled �I Love Horses�. Looking at the Game Stop site gets me all excited, reading the details like � Capture the Memories: Photograph your horses and view the pictures in your photo album. � and �Touch and Train: Interact with your horses through simple DS stylus controls!�

The game is made by a game company I am not familiar with called �Bold�. I would say their name suites them well with a bold groundbreaking game such as this. So the game is described as taking place on a ranch where you are entitled to taking care of these horses and playing through mini games. Apparently if you do well enough in said mini games you and your horse will be able to go and compete in the big tournament and win yourself a shiny trophy. As a horse lover and a gamer I honestly just can't wait! I think when I first get it I'm gonna get a big black horse and name him Tyrone and start training him for the tourney and get him even stronger and ready for all those hurdles and stuff. So who else is super excited with me for this? Just a little over one more week!
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