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Boycotting, and what else is wrong with gamers

Recently, Mega Man Legends 3 was officially cancelled in news that really shouldn't shock anyone. Our first indication was Inafune's departure. That was basically the death of Mega Man, no matter what Capcom tries to say. The multiple series just lost their sense of direction I suppose. Then we heard the news that the game would only be released if the demo was downloaded enough to make it worth finishing the project. I think I speak for myself, as well as many others, that I was counting on the people who already owned 3DS's to take this opportunity so that the rest of us could buy a 3DS and the full game when it came out. But the problem there is that the 3DS has had really shitty sales, and with those sales numbers, I don't think Capcom could count on enough people downloading the demo anyway. This game was basically doomed. I'm sorry for those of you that didn't realize this earlier, because it looked like it could have been a helluva good game.

Now I've seen a lot of people saying "well there goes my 3DS purchase"... okay, well I can't argue there. At least for a while, the 3DS isn't going to see a huge boom in its library. Eventually we'll get Kid Icarus, Mario, Luigi's Mansion 2, MGS3D etc to increase the overall sales, but at this point in time, why bother getting one?

The other thing people have been saying is "OH HELLNO I'M BOYCOTTING CAPCOM"... but why exactly? For not releasing one game? Games get cancelled all the time, and this isn't even an incredibly high profile game. And it's not like they're just denying it to NA... the game is fully cancelled. Done. Vamoosh. Gone. This is an ex-game. Since the demo was never actually released, who's to say it was actually good? It may have LOOKED great... but the end result could have been entirely different. The one thing that's for sure is that work was, in fact, done on the game. There's proof of that. Which means Capcom didn't just announce it to shit on the consumers. It announced the game, spent time and resources on it, and then had to dump it. It made no profit at all. Yeah consumer, YOU are the one who lost here. /sarcasm

I'd be more likely to boycott NoA before I boycott Capcom. And that's saying something, since those who know me know that I defend NoA all the time. I also defended Sony during the PSN crisis. You know why I defend these companies? Cause even despite some of their questionable business decisions, many of the games they put out are really good. So why are these the companies that get dumped on at every turn? There are other companies a lot more deserving of crap than them. Like Lionhead or Sonic Team... they consistently put out low quality games, but when they do it gamers just concede "Oh Molyneux. You so Molyneux." Why doesn't he get as much crap for charging $60 for the same medieval morality sim over and over again while people make a big deal about having to pay for new characters in MvC3? I'll back down for a second... Capcom does have a habit of releasing the same game multiple times. But at least they don't sugarcoat it. Street Fighter IV may have too many iterations, but at least they're all named Street Fighter IV so you're not tricked into feeling like you need to buy more than one.

The problem with gamers is that they are vicious and out for blood wherever they can draw it. I don't know what makes us so angry and volatile, but we are. And for all the wrong reasons. Valve is amazing to their customers. But their customers would not have you think so. When L4D2 was announced, there were calls of "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!". When Portal 2 was announced before Half-Life 3, it was like they had signed their own death warrants. When Portal 2 was released, some purists pissed in their hair and called it shit.

I read one blog post about the subject comparing the Mega Man Legends 3 scenario to a child who is given an Xbox 360 box for Christmas and upon opening it realizes there is only a sweater inside. The child breaks down into tears because of it. Of course, in this scenario is suggests that the "fans" are nothing more than crying children... because that's all they really are. They're getting all butthurt because somebody dangled something shiny in front of their faces and then pulled it away.

If you don't like a developer, great. Don't buy their games. You don't have to, that's the funny thing. So what if Resident Evil 3DS has one save slot? Don't buy the game if you don't support that. So what if the new Devil May Cry has Dante with an emo design? Well for one thing, if that bothers you then you're really pretentious, but if it does, then just don't fucking buy it. But it gets really annoying to fans of a developer when other gamers who claim themselves to be "hardcore fans" or "lifelong fans" or whatever get their over-entitled panties in a bunch because somebody didn't do something just the way they like it. Movies are cancelled all the time and movie-lovers accept it maturely.

Us, as gamers, need to get our act together or else we'll never actually be taken seriously.
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