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Link humming as he cooks in Tears of the Kingdom is beyond magical. As is returning to the Great Plateau. Call me a sycophant. I am one.


Shouldn't Nintendo be focussing on making a budget model instead of the oft-rumoured Pro version of Nintendo Switch as we go into 2021?


Which amiibo have you bought in 2018? I've got Wolf Link and a green Inkling Squid. That's it. My 5y.o. kid keeps pestering me to buy Mario Odyssey ones...


£5 Friday night bargain!


Morning/evening all. 10:15 a.m. in the UK. Does anyone know if there're any performance comparisons between The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on Wii U versus Switch? I'm curious about the apparent differences I've read about. Many thanks dtoiders!


11 years after last switching on and the internal battery is still good!


SPOILER Just started Winter in The Last of Us. Still hooked.


Wonders if anyone seeing the new Mass Effect: Andromeda footage is hoping to romance a Hanar.


Uhh, so is The Witness basically MYST for the 21st century? And will it be sold for a good ten years from now in various "classics" branded packaging for £5 a pop? (I'm both intrigued and annoyed for I have no machine to play it on).


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