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So the cops came a'knockin

First of all, I failed at my quest to get the all powerful pics. Someone please shop a few, k?

Anyway, let's set the bases of this event. My parents went to check on my sick grandma, my brothers are out, I'm home alone. It's 1:20 a.m. and I'm at the Wiisucks liveblog.

Then, I hear the sirens. I see the red and blue lights. About 6 police trucks are outside my house. I start hearing screams. The cops want my neighbor to open up. The neighbors don't seem to answer, so the police threat to break the door to get in. Someone at my neighbor's house screams "DEJALOS ENTRAR NOS VAN A DISPARAR" ("LET THEM IN DAMMIT THEY WILL SHOOT US") and I gather it's the wife.

I hear thumping on my ceiling. I think they might be setting up snipers or some shit (dunno if a sniper would be needed at this range...we're like 20 meters apart). All of a sudden, an engine starts and then I hear shooting. I'm all like "que chingadoes" ("WTF) and stupidly duck. I stand up and try to see what the fuck is going on. The cops are now taking out a dude I've never seen in my life from a car and beating him up. It's brutal. The car looks a bit roughed up but I can't see much.

Finally, the husband (my neighbor) screams he's gonna turn himself in and opens up his door. While getting handcuffed he screams to his wife to get the kids. The wife seems to be doing this.

I stupidly think it's safe to go out, so I open my door to try and take pics. I take a couple of the roughed up car, whose tires were shot out, and a couple of the police trucks. The cops are throwing the arrested men into their trucks and I stay there watching. I'm kinda hidden by a tree, but I still don't feel safe.

All of a sudden, a cop shouts out "´┐ŻEy wey que haces? Ven p'aca." ("Hey, what are you doing? Come here") The policeman tells me that I shouldn't be out taking pics and that it was dangerous. He tells me to give him the cellphone and that I can pick it up at the station tomorrow after they check it. In my fear and nervousness, I hand it to him and he then writes up a note saying that he took it and will return it. I find it weird that he can do this but say nothing (you have to understand, mexican cops don't exactly inspire trust).

Moving on, the wife and kids come out and are forced (in a non-violent way) to hand the house keys in. They do so and get on their Hummer. Two cops get off my roof. Everyone's leaving now. They are all going to the same place, it seems. I get the fuck in my house, still feeling weird about what just happened and kinda scared about what could've happened to me and what my parents will do/say when they come home and find me cellphoneless and the whole street buzzing about this.

P.S. I'm thinking they were drug dealers. My region has recently become full of them (like 5 "drug lords" have been taken in this year) and a lot of shootings for "turfs" have happened (not in the city, but around here).

P.P.S. I'm meeting some of my non-criminal neighbors for the first time. They give me hot chocolate.
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