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I wasn't super motivated this week to paint but went ahead anyways with some more 15mm stuff👍 from left to right: Eòghann the Dwarf, Sir Geargáin the knight, Myrddin the wizard, and finally Cynddelw the bastard lol.


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Just a quick one for today. Slowly tackling my skirmish force and need some swordsmen. Enter: The Mann from Bögenhafen...


Average Tuesday Status:


Hey! Guess whose back with another bong264 patent pending ogre that took way too damn long😂 Had this guy primed for a year and decided to just get it over with. I of course also had to choose the hardest, most tedious scheme ever...a Marienburgher!


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C.U.R.R.E.N.T. S.T.A.T.U.S.:


Got my prototype paint job ready for my next skirmish project, some 3rd ed inspired slann👍 highlights and shadows are a little stark but oh well.




Alright back to your regularly scheduled random minis lol. I bought a bunch of shit in September and orctober so now I need to go through it. First up, a humble clansmen from my own OC do not steal hold.


Ugh, you wouldn't understand...


Hot Take: IRQL not less or equal :(


Welp, I actually had a successful Halloween this year lol. Had a bunch of kids come over and gave away like 2/3rds of the candy I had 👍 Favorite costume was probably the source accurate enderman. Happy Halloween everyone!


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