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Hey! Guess whose back with another bong264 patent pending ogre that took way too damn long😂 Had this guy primed for a year and decided to just get it over with. I of course also had to choose the hardest, most tedious scheme ever...a Marienburgher!


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C.U.R.R.E.N.T. S.T.A.T.U.S.:


Got my prototype paint job ready for my next skirmish project, some 3rd ed inspired slann👍 highlights and shadows are a little stark but oh well.




Alright back to your regularly scheduled random minis lol. I bought a bunch of shit in September and orctober so now I need to go through it. First up, a humble clansmen from my own OC do not steal hold.


Ugh, you wouldn't understand...


Hot Take: IRQL not less or equal :(


Welp, I actually had a successful Halloween this year lol. Had a bunch of kids come over and gave away like 2/3rds of the candy I had 👍 Favorite costume was probably the source accurate enderman. Happy Halloween everyone!


Hot damn this took forever! It's all about cavalry this month and some extras. Happy Orktober and here's to another one!


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