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This is what goblins looked like 40 years ago. I feel like we need a return to form 😤 It's unfortunate that the sculptor is unknown because the whole goblin raiding box is magnificent!


If for some reason you wanted to know what goblins looked like 40 years ago..well, here you go :P I think this guy might be from the goblin raiding party set 🤔


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Alright I have finished RE4R as well so time to add my shitty opinion to the list. Final Verdict: it should have been Code Veronica. Throbbing Status:


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Yay! New termies after like 20 years lol!


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After the 20 hour, 3 day excursion, that was the great taurus, it's time to go back to basics lol. A humble halberdier guarding the road out of averheim. Just a 20min test for a future project I've got in mind.


Holy shit, this took God damned forever but it is finally done. One chaos dwarf lord on great taurus ready to serve the almighty hashut!


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What!? A sci-fi mini!? I dunno why but I was in the mood lol. Another GI for the kill team that'll take 4 more years to finish.


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