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Just a quick one for today, I'm hesitant to do anything with my warhammer quest box but inspiration struck lol.


Welp it took a few months but I finally beat the hip new fantasy game all the peoples are talking about! Probably gonna be forever before I get to another playthrough but I will savor the time I spent with it.


So I got some packages in... Expect alot of 3d printed stuff these next few weeks lol. The first is some spacenam stuff from reptilian overlord. I also happen to be in the rogue trooper mood and these guys fit the bill for that.


Stepping off the boarding pod into the cold and decrepit hallways of the space hulk, Battle Brother Steinburg observes his surroundings... My God was this tedious to do lol. Been playing alot of Space Crusade again and was in the Imperial Fists mood.


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Just a quick one for today. May or may not be getting something good next week...


I've done something I haven't done in awhile, I've played a game for longer than an hour lol. Finished scenario 1 of Blood West, it's by the guys who did Elderborn. Was pretty damn great and now I'm sad I'm out of horror western games to enjoy :T


Finally back to painting 28mm stuff (for now...), had this guy buried in my hoard for awhile and finally got around to it. The face is kinda ugly and I don't know what brother vinni was thinking lol. I'll just blame it on radiation.


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So it took...3 years...but I finally finished the inquisitor martyr dlc. I'm gonna be sad the day the servers are taken off for this game and it can never be played but oh well. Til then I give it 2 outta 3 Fabulous Bill needles. Current Status:


The world of miniature war gaming is a strange one...


It is "the day"... In commemoration I have painted this 15mm DIRTY DWARVEN HIPPIE! Which can also double as a little gnome person lol.


Early one for today. The penny wars collection is up to $0.18 cents right now, need to keep working my way up to a dollar lol. And yes, he has no pants on...


Morning survey time :P So, what did you call these? I'm in the extra guy/ extra life category.


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