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I've got too much shit on my desk and this poor guy has been primed for two years so finally knocked it out. Was worried about how this guy would turn out but he looks okay lol.


Just a quick one for today. The troublesome terror of the toledo troglodytes...


The heatwave has returned so back to 15mm minis in the mean time. Here is totally not red sonja. It's amazing the bullshit I can find around lol.


Happy birthday to Retrofaction! Pic unrelated


M O R N I N G Status:


After a week of fucking around I got my leader for a Middenheim skirmish warband done. Albert G. Süßmann, the knight of the white wolf. Tune in next week as I dig through my hoard to cobble together the rest of the warband lol.


I'm like 12ish years late to the party but I finally played and actually finished Dragon Age. Kinda shocked this thing never got the remaster treatment as it was pretty good. Dunno if I'll do the expansion or dlcs yet or just move on. Current Status:


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