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Alright getting back into the swing of things finally. Starting February off with this counts as bull slann overseer. Tried messing around with ak interactive puddle and it looks alright lol.


Average Tuesday Status:


Average Tuesday Status:


Welp, after the worst food poisoning/ stomach bug I've had in a few years, it seems to slowly be clearing up. Better than yesterday atleast lol. Current Status:


Current Status:


Aldred "Fellblade" Keppler, Templar of Sigmar and overall cool guy lol. 2nd mini for my Advanced Heroquest project done and this one took a little extra time due to having to make that shield. Considering it's my first ever I think it turned out alright.


I'm finally using new brushes so did a quick and dirty zambo to get into the swing of things. It was weird using a brush that has a point again lol.


Average Tuesday Status:


Was pretty lazy this week but managed to get another mini done for the Advanced Heroquest project: King Graha- er I mean Jules Gascoigne! Bretonnian archer and overall adventurerđź‘Ť


Average Tuesday Status:


W I D E S T A T U S:


Remember to love thy neighbor, especially if they bring you your $200 box because the mailman was being a dumbass that day.


Starting the new year off right with freshly painted minis! First one of the year is probably my favorite barbarian of all time, the advanced heroquest cover lol.


Average Tuesday Status:


Average Tuesday Status:


Alright lets share the thing lol


Christmas Status:


#VizierToid This might be my favorite mini of the year lol. A complete bitch to paint as the whole thing is metal! And this Grand Vizier is also a pretty rare model too now a days...


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