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Share your Vib-Ribbon Playlist!


Vib-Ribbon was released on PSN in Europe last week, and as soon as it became available I bought and downloaded it. Before even that 25mb download had finished I had created and burnt my own playlist to disc. Below is my first playlist, and I'd like you to share your own! Try and give us an idea of how complex the patterns are and the tempo, or links, if you can, and enjoy each other's potentially insane choices!

Playlist One:

  1. Chemtrails - Beck - Hard, varying rhythms 
  2. Scarecrow - Beck - Hard, steady beat
  3. Get Lucky - Daft Punk - Medium, steady beat with repetition
  4. Warning - Green Day - Easiest, steady beat and single button notes
  5. Barbara Ella - Kula Shaker - Easy, dual button notes but easy to follow beat
  6. Storm in a Teacup - Red Hot Chili Peppers - Medium
  7. Tell me baby - Red Hot Chili Peppers - Medium
  8. Wings (Nu-Logic remix) - Birdy - Very hard, high tempo and moving beats
  9. Loopa - Turin Brakes - Very Hard, dual button crossing notes from the start
  10. Red Moon - Turin Brakes - Medium, fast tempo
  11. Sleeper - Turin Brakes - Easy, slow tempo 
  12. Madness - Muse - Easy/Medium, steady beat

So there you have it! Leave your own playlist below and I'll update the blog with my favourites.

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