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My gaming story: From Pok�mon to Playstation

Super Mario what? Castlevani-huh? N6-for what?�
� As my terrible wordplay above demonstrates, I'm relatively new to gaming compared to most people, as I perceive it, on this website. My first console was in fact the Game boy colour, the special Pok�mon edition which I still treasure to this day, along with Pok�mon crystal version.


� With this generation coming to an end, I recently looked back at my favourite games throughout, and the list permeated far further throughout the life cycle than any other. 'Fallout', 'LittleBigPlanet', 'Metal Gear Solid 4', 'LA Noire', 'Heavy Rain', 'Bioshock' 1-3, 'Batman: Arkham's, 'Uncharted', 'Resistance', 'Mirror's edge', 'Bad company 2' and 'inFamous'. All of these games I can list off of the top of my head and yet there are still many more to be mentioned. Whilst many tend to look back on the older generations with fond memories, I can't help but ask why, besides for nostalgia. No single other generation or console has given me such joy as my 80GB PS3 from December 2008 (funny story here; I turned down a free PS3 and bought a Wii instead in 2007). I've replayed 'LA Noire' about 3 or 4 times now, I'm still finding stuff in New Vegas and the twists in 'Bioshock' amaze me every time (even 'Bioshock 2', which seems to get a lot of hate).�
�So I can say without a doubt I only began to love�video-games�in 2008. �I could go over the negatives of this generation that everyone loves to complain about, and outrightly claim the retro consoles trump modern ones, but instead I'll�ignore�the online passes and modern shooters (although 'Bad company 2' was fantastic) and focus on what made this generation the best: the new IP.�

Let me know in the comments which generation was your favourite...

Oh, and some comments on my writing would be great, this is my first blog!
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