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Join the (unofficial) DTOID Driveclub!


Driveclub had a rocky start, that's for sure, but now it's a great racing game that I personally love. I had yet to use the club feature until recently when I thought it might be nice to connect with fellow members and visitors of Destructoid and create our own club within the game, so here it is, complete with Destructoid custom colours. (I have no idea whether there is already a community DriveClub, as I have yet to find any reference to one.)

To join, simply search for the club name 'DTOID' in Driveclub and start racking up those points! If we get enough members I imagine we can also put together community races and events once private lobbies are added in the next update and other such cool stuff.

So there you are, my unofficial club representing Destructoid. Hope to see you on the track.

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