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BragGame Rights (New Gaming Store in Duluth, MN)

Ok, first of all I'm going to say that I'm not intending this to take any business away from any related businesses, this post is meant just to get the name out there to more of the public. I figured since there are a ton of users on Destructoid, this would be the best way to get this company's name out there.

BragGame Rights is a BRAND NEW gaming store that opened in Duluth, Minnesota last August, owned by Coy Christmas (yes, that is his real last name). We are located across the street from a Gamestop and a Best Buy and we're holding our own in game sales. BragGame Rights is almost exactly like Gamestop in the fact that we buy and sell new and used games, but our nitch is the fact that our motto is "Try before you buy," meaning we have 20 gaming stations with 46" TVs, Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360s in each station. It's $7.50/hour to play, and we are usually filled up completely on weekends. If you decide that you are going to game a lot during a month's period of time, you have the option of purchasing a $10 Monthly Membership. This gives you reduced rates for gaming ($5/hr on weekends and $3/hr on weekdays), 10% more on trade-ins, and 10% off of used games. There's even a Summer Membership that will cost you $25 for the summer, and you'll only have to pay $3/hr. ANY day that you come in. We hold birthday parties for up to 15 people for $185.00. Making it one of the less expensive birthday ideas, and one of the most unique. Lock-ins are also an option for the people who just can't sleep. You are required to rent out the entire store in order to hold a lock-in, but pizza will be provided, courtesy of BragGame Rights. There are also mini tournaments that are usually held throughout the night. Where you can win anywhere from cans of pop to a FREE Tritton AXPRO Headset (depending on the intention of the lock-in).

The tour of BragGame Rights with Coy Christmas (Filmed by BoZack):

We also sell our new games for less than either store. For example, a new copy of Prototype hits the shelves at all 3 places, Best Buy and Gamestop sell it for $59.99, BragGame Rights sells it for $57.49 and BragGame Rights guarantees the games for LIFE. That's the way it goes with ALL new games. Our used prices also follow the same pattern. We are also the ONLY place in the area that's able to buff Blu-Ray discs. BragGame Rights also is certified to repair next gen consoles. Weekly, we get about 5+ Xboxes in. If you so choose, you can ship your Xbox 360 to us (if your warranty is voided) and we will fix your Xbox for $55 (you will be responsible for shipping as well). Keep in mind, we only fix the 3 red rings, and drive repairs (costs $85) in house. If you end up getting an E74 or E75 code, we have to ship it off to another business for them to work on, and that will cost $90. That's not just saying that we work on Xboxes however, we also work on PS3s, Wiis, DSes, and PSPs. We are also one of the only places in the area that will mod controllers and game cases. The guy who does all of our mods has been working on different projects. His most recent one was changing the LED lights in the Xbox 360 controller and the Wii Remote. But his best mod (so I think) is getting the Tritton AXPRO headset lights to strobe whenever you shoot a gun or throw a grenade (sorry, no video of that). Over 90% of BragGame Rights customers say that they will never go to a Gamestop again if there's a BragGame Rights in the area.

This is one of few jobs that people want to go in to work at. Everyone that works at BragGame Rights loves being there, and it shows in customer service. We are able to joke around with customers and have them joke back. During our Nightly Tournaments, we are able to have fun by just messing with people as they're competing (don't worry, not enough to hinder their playing experience).

BragGame Rights Hosts ggCircuit's 4v4 Halo Tournament:

Nightly Tournaments are also held Monday-Thursday night at BragGame Rights in conjunction with the (attempted) monthly Large tournaments. Admission for the Nightly Tournaments are ONLY $5 with the possibility of winning $25 cash or $40 in-store credit. There's usually a game within the month that you'll enjoy. There are such a wide variety of games that we host for the Nightly Tournaments.

BragGame Rights Official Site
Pictures on the Main BragGame Rights Page
YouTube Page
Facebook Group

Please comment below if you think you want a BragGame Rights in your area!!
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