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Ah Yes, Comic-Con (pic)

Some will say the best thing about Comic-Con is all the cool exclusives and sights to see. Not true. It's all about relaxing and catching up with your favorite reading material.


Subject Delta Cos Pic

I'll post a rather large production post once the costume is done, but for now here is a comparison shot of the work complete so far. I will be wearing this to San Diego Comic-Con


I Am Subject Delta - Cosplay Work Blog

Figured I would post a little promo post to direct people to my work blog so you all can check out my progression on this costume I am making. The costume I am making now is Subject Delta from Bioshock 2. The plan is to debut it at San Di...


Will Episodic Games Change The Way We Review Games?

When I ask the question "Will Episodic Games Change The Way We Review Games?", by "we" I mean sites like Destructoid or magazines like Game Informer. Reviewing a game up to this point has been rather easy. Buy or receive the game, play t...


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