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As always with NSO, I don't have real complaints - just questions. Today they put up Earthworm Jim 2, but not the original Earthworm Jim... why?


March has almost come and gone and no new Scott the Woz which can only mean the "Nintendo Switch - 5 years in" must be at least 8 hours long


BestBuy worker today holding my preordered copy of Kirby: "I can't give this to you. It comes out tomorrow. I'd get in trouble." Me: "Is there someone here who could give me it and not get in trouble?" No early Kirby :(


For anyone on the fence about the MK8 DX DLC, GameXplain has a Let's play online for all the new tracks - it looks awesome. Link in comments


Toying with getting Animal Crossing: New Horizons now that the game finally seems "done." But how do holidays work now? Do they happen as expected? If I change the clock to Christmas will it be Christmas?


Anyone else have a long "active backlog". Not the regular backlog of shit you buy and have never touched, but like a backlog of games you played for a decent amount of time, dropped, but do want to finish? Put mine in the comments, this year Imma clean it


Wanted a quick palate-cleansing, backlog clearing game after Earthbound Beginnings so cleared Balloon Kid. Worth it for the current price on the eShop. Imma leave this masterpiece of a song here


Was halfway through a grand prix in MK64 and realized my heart was racing. Not because of the gameplay or difficulty, mind you - the lack of music is so unsettling. EDIT: turns out this was a glitch in NSO's emulation. All good now


PSA: no earthbound yet EDIT: NOW EARTHBOUND


5 Takeaways: 1) Nintendo finally got me to jump in on the expansion pass with now the MK8 DLC 2) Eagerly awaiting Earthbound - will be first playthrough 3) Klonoa 4) Chorno Cross 5) Kirby = day 1 purchase


Why has no one has mentioned that we could get a new look at Chris Pratt Mario tonight?!


So it's really gonna be called "Triangle Strategy"?


Sure, there's the Moon Theme from Ducktales and the entirety of Mega Man 2's soundtrack, but in terms of music I'd actually relax and listen to, Kirby's Adventure has the best soundtrack on the NES. Truly sounds at least 16-bit in its complexity


Every day as the dawn of the 3DS eShop's closure draws near I wonder, "maybe today's the day Nintendo will have a closing sale!" And each day I resign myself more to one day paying minumum $40 to play OG Luigi's Mansion (or tons more to play on GameCube)


Time for the thing. Not counting GAA: Chronicles as it was released in Japan years ago... really onlyplayed 2 new games in 2021 (Bowser's Fury and Metroid Dread... and didn't finish the latter). Leaned hard into gameboy instead.


Nice Switch indie haul today from sales, all but last <$7: Thumper, Donut County, Gorogoa, Talos Principle, Wandersong, Dicey Dungeons, Brothers: Tale of 2 Sons, What Remains of Edith Finch and then Final Fantasy IX from that little indie developer Squeen


Whose dumbass idea was it to make a proprietary software the Gold standard for sending business and official documents? Doing anything with a PDF is an insta-headache. #BusinessToid


Holy fuck. I put off even trying Champion's Road in SM3DW for months now, and thought I would just blow through it this evening and damn... this game ain't meant for precision platforming!


I just know the day I actually decide to dip into my ever expanding free-game collection from EGS, something's gonna happen with the service where you can no longer access your games. Regardless, Welcome Shenmue III to the collection. Enjoy digital dust!


Very late to the party. Not surprised by GAA, milked that shit over months... Hades on the other hand represents playtime over like... 8 days


I love my nieces and nephews. They don't belong on airplanes.


It only took me 4 months and *checks Switch profile* 70(!) hours, but Great Ace Attorney Chronicles main story done. The second game will likely be my GOTY. A weaker first case, but marvelous from then on out. Thank you, Capcom.


Been a while since I'd beaten a video game and had the evening to myself, so sat down to play/beat the original Mega Man for the first time. Thoughts in comments (spoiler... I don't think I have anything new to say... and fuck the Yellow Devil)


Nothing makes me feel more like an old man (though only in my mid-20s) than looking at the Netflix top10. Yesterday it was a variety of Netflix originals Id never heard of or new spooky movies, MyLittlePony... and the 2017 King Arthur movie at #3. NO. 3!


As much as people may rag on Dread for it's difficulty, I wish more was at stake during the EMMI sections, like a Hollow Knight type thing where you lose a bunch of shit you collected if you get caught. As it is now, there's nothing to lose by being caugh


I think Smash is the only game I've played fairly consistently for nigh on 22 years... and would be considered by all fairly mediocre


Dread took a page out of the Mario playbook, if nothing else make movement fun. Traversing this world is a god damn blast


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