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Destructoid TCG UPDATE: D:E.K. MANUEL!

So, here's the basic set up for D:E.K. Players: 2-3 players Deck size: 50 cards, no more no less. Deck Limits: No more than 2 of any card. Initial Draw: 5 card draw, No more than 7 cards in your hand at any time. Objective of D:E.K. As a ...


I Love Me Some DS Homebrew: LoneWolf DS

Do you remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books? Because, I sure as hell do. They used to be such an incredible idea to me, even thinking about them now transports me back to 6th grade, to the time when I could read at an 8th grade...


Officially Unofficial Destructoid DS Theme

Now that Final Fantasy IV is out, I'm sure you will be putting your DS through a lot of use in the coming days/weeks. So, how about you bring a little piece of destructoid along with you? Introducing the Unofficial Destructoid Theme for you...


I Love Me Some DS Homebrew:Protein DScratch

If you haven't heard about it, The DS has established itself to be a pretty neat lil' homebrew platform, with quite the community backing some really great programs. I've really been itching for some music creation application ever since I ...


The Console to End Consoles

Engadget has secret information about a system I have lovingly dubbed "Blou". |blō| Blou is said to tout a whopping 999,999,999 games, and it comes packaged with it's own controller and squirt gun! With games such as Maroi (Mario'...


The Brilliance of Destructoid

Look, I drink. Actually, I'm a light weight, a single beer and I'm smashed. And right now is one of those times. I could bore with stories where I would romp with the butterflies and various tree-folk in an alcoholic haze, while the THC is...


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