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MWHA-Track #9 - Heliopolis - Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy


The composer listed for the soundtrack was Eurocom's "in house" composer Steve Duckworth. Considering how marvelous Heliopolis was for my ears, I was quite surprised to find very little information on Duckworth out in the expanse of the world wide web. But some of the other games you may recognize Steve from include 007 Legends and Cruis'n World.
Now, due to the pretty much COMPLETE lack of reception of this game, I was not even close to surprised to find a grand total of zero remixes of this song. In fact, when I mentioned the game to my friend, he quickly responded with, "Oh yeah, that game. I don't remember anything about it, but I remember that sphinx looking guy." But who knows? Maybe this blog will scroll across someone's browser one day and inspire them to make a remix for this game; a game that would appear to have been lost within the sands of time.
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