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Got my login woes sorted out (luckily my old phone still had the token on it) and downloading the patches to XIV since I played last. I paid up through Stormblood previously so can hold off on the expansion for a bit yet. Very excited to jump back in!


Well you did it. I've just gone to reactivate my XIV account, then realized I changed phones since I played last, leaving me unable to get in, so now had to open up a ticket. Is their customer service pretty good?


Finishing the Christmas shopping by taking the kids to pick things out for their mom. Wish me luck.


The first three survivors painted for Zombicide. After a test game with the kids, they've been asking every day to play more!


Oh crap, the local gaming store is 20% off storewide, time to make some bad decisions.


I think this will be a good day to finally dig in and teach myself the 9th edition 40k rules with a test game. The only actual gaming I've done in the last year has been with Age of Sigmar.


Not sure if this will be readable when posting. Was not expecting Oblivion to be my most played, figured Dark Souls or Halo 2 had that locked down.


Hope you're all having a good Sunday, I'm wrapped up at an all day soccer tournament down near Philly.


And now for something a little different, broke out some Necromunda models, so I can at least get the boxed starter game painted up. I also discovered that I'm not a fan of GW's orange paints.


If THIS isn't a sign that the end is upon us, what is?!


Wrapped up the Pixel Remaster version of Final Fantasy IV. Had a great time like the previous entries, but I wish it wouldn't have used a difficulty like the US SNES version. Going to be starting up V, but I'm more inspired to play Octopath Traveler now.


Going to be picking up one of the new Pokemon games for my son as a Christmas present. Is this something I should pre-order, or are they generally easy to get at launch? When I bought him Shield, it had been out for a while already.


Likely the last of Orktober! Converted the second nob from the combat patrol to give my army a waaagh banner.


One of my favorite lefty comic pages gets a crossover.


I was on my way to the store to pick up some items for dinner, and Sublime's 'Ebin' came on, and I remembered how much I love the bass in it, especially during the chorus. Do you have any songs in mind that have some sweet bass in them?


I don't know how I came across this, but it cracked me up.


Since I wasn't going to get a shot otherwise, took a PTO day from work and saw Dune over lunchtime in the theater. Loved it, and it was pretty much what I hoped it would be. For those unaware, this is part one, and now the wait begins for the second.


'Ere we go! You guys have been taking about dredd all week, so now I painted one. (Still need to wrap up the basing)


Hope you're all enjoying Dread; I'll get around to it someday. For now working on the newest PC port of Final Fantasy IV and continuing with Orktober. This last batch is testing a new skin technique. Saved time and I like how it turned out.


That's a wrap on Final Fantasy III. Liked it overall, but I'd rank it toward the bottom of the list. I'll go a little deeper in the comments.


Sneaking in these last non-orks before the festivities begin. Next time I think I want to base coat and paint the undergrowth instead of adding after the fact.


Have a good Friday everyone. Don't know about you, but it's been quite the week.


All done on the new warboss, and very pleased with how the conversion turned out. Didn't care so much for the original two handed axe. What can I say? I like the look of power klaws.


The first five! First time using this spray varnish, and it has dulled the red a bit more than I like, so will need to experiment a bit with it.


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