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Zwoooosh's Ramblings: Picking Up The Crumbs

So it seems that the new thing to do around these parts is random thoughts blogs so I thought I might give it a shot. So I welcome you to my cosy mind, I know its quiet empty and lonely but trust me, some stuff will show up sooner or lately. A couch perhaps.

A topic I wanted to throw my 2 cents in about quickly is the whole argument about piracy that has been raging on lately. Now if you had of asked me a year or so ago about it, I would have said �Yeah sure whatever, I mean how much harm can it really do to any industry? Whether it be music, movies or video games.� But after opening my eyes, maturing and growing some form of facial hair, I�ve seen the amount of money it robs the industry of, the affect it has had on both the DS and PSP and to an extent, the PC and I�m going to have to stand on the side that is against all forms of it. No excuse in my book can justify pirating, whether it be testing or whatever. It is a problem that needs to be contained some way, but it is known that piracy will never be completely wiped out.

This has gone on long enough so it�s time to finish up. This was fun to write so I may look into writing another one sometime. Hope to see you guys on a Friday night soon.
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I'm into music and movies and am currently being self taught in visual effects as my friends and myself are heavily into film making ourselves. But you know when you have a dream and that dream then goes and bangs every idea you've ever had and then your just left with a bunch of idiotic thoughts and a lousy hangover? Yeah me either, but essentially we have so many projects under way, I don't know if we'll ever finish one of them. But enough about that, back to the games yeah?

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